6 Reasons to Work Locum Tenens When You Retire

6 Reasons to Work Locum Tenens When You Retire

For many Americans, retirement is the long-awaited dream they want to achieve. However, retirement doesn’t have to be the end of medical professions for healthcare employees. Yet, if you are still not 100 percent ready to put down your hat, you can work as a locum tenens to control how, where, and when you work. 

Retire on your terms and work as a locum tenens. You will not have to experience what you had gone through when you were in your permanent position. Today, many locum tenens staffing agencies are looking and hiring for experienced doctors, specialists, and mid-level practitioners (NP, CRNA, PA, and nurses) in order to fulfill on-call demands, leaves of absences, personnel shortages, and kickstart new projects.

You are the perfect individual for healthcare systems around the country with your years of experience. Applying what you have learned and your skills to different hospitals will surely benefit them. But remember, they don’t just benefit from you as there are some benefits over full retirement in exchange for working a short time as a locum.

Here are six reasons to work as a locum tenens when you retire.

Earn Money While Traveling

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There are thousands of vacancies around the country for locum tenens, and working as a locum means you are free to choose the duration, place, and form of contract work. It’s the ideal opportunity to check out your must-see destinations to fund new experiences while earning money. If you can’t travel before because of your tight schedule, this is the time. 

You can explore different places and the environment with this career. If you worry about spending money in a different location, many healthcare systems give physicians with locum tenens very competitive rates to ensure that they recruit top medical talent. Moreover, healthcare systems mostly cover your travel and lodging expenses, which is the best!

Do What You Love with Less Stress

As a provider of locum tenens, patient treatment and professional or personal satisfaction are the priority. You can have more time treating and caring for patients and not worry about playing office politics. You don’t have to worry about working as a locum tenens and minding medicine’s bureaucratic side as your staffing agency will be responsible for this. 

Keep Your Medical Skills Sharp

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In order to strengthen patient care and the expertise of clinicians, technologies and procedures are evolving rapidly. And while a break from practice is one of the benefits of retirement, the trade-off can mean expired medical licenses. Semi-retirement or restricted shift work will keep you in contact with the latest medical developments by locum tenens and provide opportunities for continuing education.

By this, you are still updated with the new technologies and new method approach in medicine, making your medical skills sharp and up-to-date.

Flexible Income

After retirement, the locum tenens positions give the best of both worlds. You choose when and where you work, which makes your schedule flexible, then use your earnings from locum tenens to fuel even larger, better adventures or purchases, making earning money flexible anytime you want. According to the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations, it is so appealing that 68 percent of retired doctors said they would accept a locum tenens position.

Control Your Own Schedule 

In one city, several medical professionals work their entire lives. The freedom to move closer to children or grandkids is granted to established, semi-retired doctors and NPs. The flexible schedule allows you more time to spend with your loved ones throughout the day without worrying about getting back to work the next day.

You can choose your schedule, which makes work-life balance possible. 

Staying Active has Brain Benefits

In order to minimize the chance of Alzheimer’s and dementia, studies have shown the clear benefits of physical and mental activity. Harvard Health Publishing provided tips to stay mentally keen, including ways to “activate processes that help maintain and stimulate communication between individual brain cells.”

In 2017, 47 million individuals worldwide suffered from dementia, according to the World Health Organisation, with a predicted rise to 75 million by 2030. Keep sharp with ongoing social contact and problem solving as a locum tenens physician or specialist by patient care.

Seize the Opportunity

Contact locumtenens.org today if you are interested in working as a locum tenens. On your terms, retire and pursue your next adventure in your medical career. See this transition as another opportunity to help you and other people.

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