Adventure with Nature at Igbaras, Iloilo

Adventure with Nature at Igbaras, Iloilo

Igbaras is part of the 1st District of Iloilo, known as heritage destination where tourists visit the area for historical attractions. It is the 3rd largest town at district 1 which is approximately 15,253 Ha. Anticipate several outdoor activities for adventurous and nature-loving people. Caves, waterfalls, mountains and floral garden are some sites to explore at Igbaras.


Water Form

Nasadjan falls, a 100 meter-high waterfall destination is the most popular water form tourist spot, found at Brgy. Passi. The clear water pours into a large cauldron-shaped natural swimming pool surrounded with massive limestone rocks. The area of the cascade offers scenic view which attracts tourists who want to venture out into the woods.


It would be a rough way to reach the water falls because of the uneven landscapes. During rainy seasons, the path can be muddy and unsafe. There are some rivers also near the falls like Igbolo River and Bais River. It would take a lot of time to arrive at the destination, but, the scenic view of the spot will surely provide you relaxation and stress-free feeling.


How to Get There

From City Proper, you can ride a jeepney in Iloilo Terminal Market bound to Igbaras Town Proper. Then, from Igabaras Proper, take a 30-minute tricycle ride to Brgy. Passi.  Then, take another 45-minute hike from Brgy. Passi to reach the falls. It is advised to arrive early in the morning at Igbaras Town Proper, for the arrangement of trips to the falls.

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