Must-See Sandbar of Agho Island

Must-See Sandbar of Agho Island

Northeast part of Conception sits a small piece paradise – Agho Island. It is an 8-hectare islet and today’s a popular demand for tourists and even locals. Among the islands of Concepcion, Agho paradise is famous for its wide-ranging sandbar beach that looks like a shape of a tiny hill and sprawling coral garden.


On the back area of the island is a tor where you got to witness an exceptional view of the sea and below are wondrous rock formations and cliffs. These rock formations are the best spot to capture memories with the majestic Pan De Acuzar as the background.


Anticipate exciting under the sun activities at the island such as island hopping, sunbathe and feel the warmth of sand, or swim on its azure water. You can also go snorkeling on the island’s extensive coral garden near the shore.  The corals serve as the habitat of fishes and other marine life, which makes the island rich for aquatic species. Inhabitants of Agho has made an enclosed portion of the island for cultivating and growing of giant clams and abalone.

When in Agho, guests don’t leave the island without witnessing the skies’ explosion of colors during sundown. Even breathtaking view of sunrise can be seen which is in the direction of the picturesque Mt. Pan De Acuzar.

How To Get There

From Iloilo – Ceres Terminal, you can take a 3-hour ride to Concepcion mainland. From the mainland, you can hire a pump boat going to Agho Island that would take at least 30 minutes.

Travel and have a sweet escape by the beach, visit Agho Island!

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