Bakwitan Cave – Islas de Gigantes’ Safe Haven

Bakwitan Cave – Islas de Gigantes’ Safe Haven

Apart from Islas de Gigantes’ beaches and water form, there are also land tours for your exploration. Located at the south part of Islas de Gigantes, Carles, Iloilo – Bakwitan Cave is long ago known to be a place for the departed, but today, it welcomes tourists and visitors!



From the name of the cave itself, Bakwitan also means evacuation. It serves as a migration place for the residents living on the island. Typhoon after typhoon, the cave has already protected and saved a lot of lives. Interestingly, the cave served as a cemetery by ancestors.  If you have visited the cave before it became popular, you’d probably see all those stone formations with shapes of human body parts.


Tourists mostly got amazed by huge rock formations, stalactites, and stalagmites. These views are compared to the Seven Wonders of the World – Underground River in Palawan. It’ll be a tough trek to explore the entire cave. To assist visitors, there are ropes found inside the cave. Also, expect tiny holes to crawl on, and steep path to pass-by.


Trek Tips

  •    It is advisable not to bring too much stuff.
  •    Expect a muddy trek!
  •    Bring a light source, preferably a headlamp because you’ll be using your both arms in crawling.
  •    Bring a water bottle, it’s best to stay hydrated while trekking.
  •    Use proper footwear, flip-flops are not recommendable.

For the continuance maintenance of the cave, Php20 entrance fee is required. Also, it is advisable to hire a tour cave guide worth Php200-Php300.


A great trek experience comes after a challenging trail! With Iloilo blog, you got to know first the latest adventure spots in Iloilo.

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