Balasan’s Pride Delicacy: Bibingka

Balasan’s Pride Delicacy: Bibingka

Aside from the famous tasty lechon, Balasan also offers tourists one of their delicacies prides – Bibingka. Balasan’s bibingka is one of the best in the Philippines. You can probably purchase it during the annual Jaro Fiesta but there’s no place that would taste as delicious as the one cooked and sold at Balasan.If you’re travelling to the Northern area of Iloilo, vendors commonly sell Balasan’s bibingka along the road. One small pack is worth Php 20 with 6 pieces (size: 2 inches), on the other hand larger bibingka costs Php80 (size: 18 cm). RCJ Bibingka is the prominent seller if this delicacy in Balasan.


The native Filipino delicacy – Bibingka is usually made of rice flour, grated coconut, sugar, eggs and milk.

Easy Ways to Make Native Bibingka

  1. First, you just have to mix all the ingredients.
  2. Place the raw bibingka on round steel metal cups lined with round cut banana leaf.
  3. Then, place it in the pugon (an improvised oven) for 10 minutes if coconut husks were used for cooking and 15 minutes if fire woods were used.
  4. After cooking, pull out the bibingkas from the pugon, and sprinkle it with a pinch of refined sugar and grated coconut on top.
  5. Now, your bibingkas are ready to serve!

You don’t actually need to satisfy your sweet cravings with costly desserts, “Saan aabot ang bente mo?” – Buy bibingka!

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