Home by the Shores – Balay Kogon

Home by the Shores – Balay Kogon

Overall Impression

Home by the Shores – Balay Kogon





Value for Money

Balay Kogon provides a comfort anyone would want to experience, best place to relax!



Apart from Isla de Gigantes, Carles showcases another scenic beach destination, Sicogon Island which is named after the grass cogon. Within the paradise is a home away from home – Balay Kogon offers its guests a warmth abode by the shores. It provides a lodging and accommodation experience nestled in between the beach and mountains of Sicogon Island. Balay Kogon also features a sea to table home-cooked food and personalized service by the locals.



Rooms of Balay Kogon are equipped with necessary amenities such as hot and cold shower with basic bath necessities. There are also hygienic kits and upon request, you can have a hairdryer. Each room comes with a balcony overlooking the azure waters of the sea. Cottages as well are rested on a hill by the sea, open to the magnificent view of Mt. Opao, the islet of Tumaquin, and Liog Mountains. If you wish, you can experience an early morning breakfast at the beach. Along the shore, especially during low tides, you may by stand the rock formations.




Experience an exceptional beach escapade with Balay Kogon’s outdoor water activities: Island Hopping and Island tour, snorkeling, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding. Balay Kogon also lets you experience an extraordinary 1 to 2-hour trek to Mt. Opao. Mt. Opao dominates the landscape of Sicogon Island. It crowned by a rock peak.

How to Get There

For commuters, from Iloilo Ceres Terminal, take a 3-hr ride going to Estancia, Iloilo. After arriving at the town, take a 15-min ride going to Estancia port. From the port, hire a pump boat going to Sicogon Island that would take approximately 45 minutes.

For more inquiries about Balay Kogon, you can visit their website – http://www.sicogonisland.com.ph/balaykogon

Sicogon Island remains a gem yet to capture the attention of those who needed an urban break! Iloilo blog lets you explore more about Iloilo from beaches to gastronomy to mountain adventures and many more.

Featured Image Source: Youtube – Michael John Sabido

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