Biscocho Haus: One-stop Ilonggo Pasalubong Shop

Biscocho Haus: One-stop Ilonggo Pasalubong Shop

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Biscocho Haus: One-stop Ilonggo Pasalubong Shop





Biscocho Haus shows that Ilonggo is capable of bringing you delightful delicacies.


Very Good

Biscocho Haus has been catering to locals and travelers venturing the Metropolitan and Province of Iloilo for more than thirty years now. They are accessible in their branches around and outside the province, and they have a varied assortment of goods that anyone can depend on with regards to standings of value and taste. BiscochoHaus

The name of the pasalubong shop came from “Biscocho”, a specialty of Iloilo, it is a toasted bread covered with sugar and butter on top. This snack can be eaten any time of the day and is best paired with coffee, hot cocoa, milk or the famous Pancit Molo. Several pasalubong stores sell Biscocho but the pioneer and most known is the Biscocho Haus. BiscochoHaus1

Biscocho Haus began becoming a name linked with delightful delicacies, and the request for it also grew. Shortly, other foodstuffs were presented and Biscocho Haus turn out to be known as the one-stop shop of Ilonggo delicacies. Other branches also started to server short-order snacks and meals.


Try Biscocho Haus and you’ll always think twice of going home without lots of pasalubong every time you visit Iloilo

For more pasalubong options, you can also visit Tinapayan,  another  prominent local bakeshop.


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