Buho Bakery – Bakery with an Iconic Hole on the Wall

Buho Bakery – Bakery with an Iconic Hole on the Wall

Iloilo is continuously becoming progressive, fancy restaurants, insta-worthy diners, and international coffee shops are now be found anywhere in the city. As an Aklanon, it still interests me local home-made foods and products. I’ve heard this well-known bakery located somewhere the alley between Ortiz and Mapa Streets at the city proper – Buho Bakery.Buho-Bakery-1

Buho Bakery is a prominent producer of daily pieces of bread hot from the oven near the area. In the 1940’s, Buho bakery sold its first freshly baked bread. It became popular among Ilonggos because of its iconic “buho” (hole) where customers make their transaction purchase. The reason why they instigated this “buho” on the wall was to keep them safe since they started during the 1940’s war. Today, they have a bread store to cater to the masses but it is closed during unsafe hours. If the main store is closed, buyers just knock on the buho for the transaction.Buho-Bakery-2

They serve varieties of bread such as Pandesal, Pan de Coco, Pancho, Teren-teren, Ube bread, sambag-sambag, half-moon, siopao and meat buns at cheap prices. Now, they also sell pastries with interesting names like Turtle bread, Pogi, Bola de Oro, Baston chips and many more. Buho Bakery still attracts local customers and curious people who want to know the story behind the “buho” bakery. At present, Buho Bakery is an Iloilo landmark. Discover more of Iloilo’s prominent bakeshops with an authentic local taste with Iloilo Blog!

Satisfy both your appetite and curiosityat Buho Bakery!

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