Bulabog Putian National Shrine – Largest Preserved Historical and Wildlife Area in Iloilo

Bulabog Putian National Shrine – Largest Preserved Historical and Wildlife Area in Iloilo

Dingle, part of the northern area of Iloilo, takes pride to offer you a living museum of flora and wildlife – Bulabog Putian National Shrine. The 847-hectare heritage park is consists of more than 30 caves spanning the barangays of Lincud, Moroboro, Camambugan, Caguyuman, and Tula-tulaan of Dingle and barangay Lip-ac, Palje, Compo, Rumagayray of San Enrique.


The caves of the shrine are the only limestone rock formation found in the Panay Island. Also, it is considered to be a historical site since the caves served as the hideouts of the Katipuneros during the Spanish period. Today, the caves serve as natural habitat of numerous bats.  Before entering the caves, you’ll pass through the shrine’s rainforest with century-old trees standing still.

Tuko Cave

One of the caves at the site is Tuko cave. From the name itself, it is the home of “Tukos” or geckos. Unfortunately, these exotic creatures have been lessened in numbers due to illegal hunting. There are also Tarantulas and spider scorpions inside the cave.

Maestranza Cave

This is the most visited cave especially during the Holy week. It’s an ideal place for reclusion. Long ago, it was one of those caves sheltering the Katipuneros. Somehow, it turned to be a religious destination for devotees during Lenten season. Inside the cave, there are stone carvings reads “Los Republicanos Juran Morir Antes Que Entregarse” (The Republicans swear to die before surrendering.”


Guizo Cave

It will be a rough trail to Guizo Cave, the longest and largest cave at the shrine. The cave was the toughest to pass through because of the unstructured narrow limestone formations inside. It offers as well the best limestone formations and it’s advisable to visit the cave at daytime.

How To Get There

From Jaro Tagbak, you can ride a jeepney to Dingle City Proper. At the city proper, you can hire a tricycle which will take you to the Shrine’s entrance. For locals, entrance fee is Php10 and Php100 for foreigners. It is also recommendable to hire a tour guide ranging from Php 150- 200 and rent helmets for protection worth Php10.

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As we preserve national heritage sites, we also protect wildlife to support survival of animal species.

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