Cabatuan Church – European-styled Heritage

Cabatuan Church – European-styled Heritage

Cabatuan being part of the second municipalities of Iloilo holds numerous historical landmarks. Approximately 15 mi from Iloilo city, Cabatuan presents lot of complex architectural designs on several structures found on the area. The most famous of which is the Cabatuan Church known as San Nicholas de Tolentino Parish Church.



In 1948, the church was partially damaged by an earthquake which ruined four of its campaniles, two of its façades and the central dome. Through the efforts of the locals of the municipality, the church was restored and renovated in early 1990s to let local residents and tourist still appreciate the magnificent heritage site. “Model of Temples” – the title given to the church by El Eco Panay since it actually depicts a European architecture. It is the only church in Iloilo consisting of three facades.


The church is made up of baked bricks, consider as the first and largest red brick church in the Visayan region. The church also holds the tallest retablo in Iloilo. Cabatuan greatly considers the church one of their prides because of its complex design architecture with a fusion Baroque and Neoclassical Tuscanic styles. Its European basilicas make the entire church one of a class.

After visiting the heritage site, you can have a taste of Cabatuan’s hidden local flavor.

Let’s appreciate our own heritage landmarks, visit Cabatuan where the past depicts the present!

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