Café Gloria – Café Ambiance that Feels Like Home

Café Gloria – Café Ambiance that Feels Like Home

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Café Gloria – Café Ambiance that Feels Like Home





A cafe where you will feel like home! It's a place of great food.



We’ve been to Camiña Balay na Bato, now, let’s have another gastronomic adventure at the same location – Café Gloria, which situated along Quezon Street, Arevalo. A place like home – Café Gloria serves its customers premium coffee blends sourced from outside countries such as Colombia, Brazil, and Indonesia.


Interior of the café is prominent with wooden tables and chairs, sofa sets and interesting decors. It sure feels like a cozy haven. There’s also a bookshelf for bibliophiles who’ll love to read their favorite books in cafes. Foods can be indulged at affordable prices! They serve varieties of food choices, from sandwiches to plates of pasta to coffee drinks to Pinoy favorites – Silog dishes.


For guests’ amusement, board games are available like scrabble and sungka. If you’re with your friends, the place is perfect to break boredom match with their sweet delicacies. Café Gloria’s specialty desserts are – macaroons, mini cakes (Chocolate mousse, cookie crumble and peaches and cream) and cupcakes.


Café Gloria also vends Sinamak – it’s an Ilonggo-spiced homemade vinegar, an organically and traditionally fermented coconut sap vinegar infused with lang ka was (blue ginger), luya (native ginger), and siling kotitot (capsicum frutescens) and garlic bulbs. Price: Php388 (750ml)

Occasionally, Café Gloria caters private events like meetings and seminars. For more information about Café Gloria, you can visit their Facebook page –

From a comforting atmosphere to good food preferences, you will surely enjoy and have a great time at Café Gloria.

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