Canvas Prints vs. Framed Prints

Canvas Prints vs. Framed Prints

Here are a few differences between canvas prints and framed prints to know before getting ones for your home!

If your walls are lonely, then stunning canvas portraits, such as canvas or framed prints, is the best way to bring your room together. It also adds the extra character and elegance that your home decor might miss. However, unless you are an interior designer, choosing wall decor for your room may not come quickly to you and may at first sound a little overwhelming. That’s why you’ll enjoy the difference between canvas portrait and framed prints when you’ll think of how to pick wall art for your home to make you feel secure that you’ve selected the ultimate masterpiece.

Framed Prints

Aside from canvas picture painting, printing on paper is a typical way of showing an image, and it has an esthetic appeal that is distinctive and well understood. Much of printing was on paper with varying finishes and textures, and most print services use fine art 100% matte paper based on cotton. When matted and framed, this provides a dazzling finish that most people like a lot. You can also create custom oil paintings from photos and frame them.

The Advantages of Framed Prints

  • Common beauty and appeal
  • Adds an elegant and formal accent to your home or office
  • More detailed than canvas
  • Black and white prints excel on fiber-based paper

The Disadvantages of Framed Prints

  • Eyelight and reflections from the sun
  • Narrower image size for a particular wall region, a 4-5′′ boundary format, and frame printing
  • Bigger sizes are heavy and costly
  • Perception of being separated from printing becomes much more apparent when you experience the same photograph as a canvas
  • Frames match the decor of your home or office

Canvas Prints

Seeking to combat any of these drawbacks and providing fresh and exciting consumer choices, you can start playing with alternatives a few years ago. Don’t print on canvas because you do not want to sacrifice the essential elements of my art, namely precision, texture, and richness of shadows. However, recently, canvas picture painting in both inkjet printers and modern canvas portraits formulations have helped me keep this essential critical information. You’re now able to print on a canvas without delay. After printing and drying the canvas for 24 hours, some services double coat the canvas with a UV and dust protector, then stretch it on 2″ stretcher bars. Many even produce the whole final product by hand in their workshops, maintaining continuity and quality control. Canvas picture painting can become the solution to your home decor needs. Printing custom oil paintings from photos is now possible, too.

The Advantages of Canvas Prints

  • Do not display any glare or reflections
  • Largest picture size for a given wall area
  • Weigh a lot less than the framed prints
  • Much simpler and more affordable to build substantial sizes up to 40′′ x 100′′
  • Have a frameless presentation that provides a glimpse into the picture
  • Creates a very satisfying painting effect
  • You can install it in semi-humid environments like bathrooms
  • Lack of frame fits perfectly with every type of home or office decor
  • You can put it in a wooden float frame for a finished look
  • Creative multi-panel options are available

The Disadvantages of Canvas Prints

  • Canvas texture can also be irritating
  • You cannot modify photography 
  • Deciding on the suitable alternative

If you’re trying to make a multitude of prints over the years, you might want to invest in a decent printer so that you can create framed prints for yourself. But investing in one or two canvas prints as family heirlooms should be the goal of any photographer.


Maybe some are just biased because of the consistency of the canvases people had over the years. But some genuinely believe that canvas prints are just more rare, which is why most people chose to print favorite images and even create custom oil paintings from photos. You have to, too!

In the end, it depends on your tastes, desires, and needs. You’ve mounted several canvas prints in corporate offices where any other alternative would have been prohibitive and not as big and dramatic. Likewise, many consumers enjoy the frameless look and the ease of placement without the need for special lighting. You’ll love the non-gloss element, the versatility of wide and panoramic scales, and the wonderful texture and color that a canvas adds to a room.

Of course, a stunning frame is a timeless, traditional look that never goes out of style and fits best in a suitable setting. For me, some of the images only work best on smooth photographic paper. Matted and framed, the portrait stands out and provides a lovely accent on a formal dining or living room.

You’ll like both of them, and surely you’ll help determine which one will be better for your application. We give a free consultation and pledge your life on all of our prints, so you can be confident that we’re not content until you finish your canvas or framed print.

Make sure to contact the printing firm for more information about their facilities. Start making the most of their online chat service, or contact them directly for assistance. Snappy Canvas can help you, assist you, and guide you!

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