Casa Gamboa: Museum For Tia Patron

Casa Gamboa: Museum For Tia Patron

Let’s embark another museum located at Corner Jayme and Commission Civil St. Brgy. Benedicto, Jaro, Iloilo City – Casa Gamboa. With the help of Tinukib Foundation Inc. (TFI), restoration of Casa Gamboa ancestral house became successful. Today, it was transformed into a café and souvenir shop on the ground floor and a museum on the second floor.


Casa Gamboa was named after Patrocinio Gamboa – a revolutionary heroine of Jaro, popularly known as “Tia Patron”. Tia Patron had exercised his knowledge through aiding wounded and sick soldiers. She serves as a mother, responsible for collecting supplies and donations from Chinese in Iloilo for the revolutionary militaries. Also, she was the first to join the revolutionary war against Spain in Panay Island and responsible in forming the Comite Central Revolucionario de Visayas.



The museum features the 19th century Jaro, the works and historical relics of Patrocinio Gamboa to emphasize her life and contributions to our history. The exhibitions within the museum includes four parts: First, Tia Patron’s life story, Second, Gamboa’s contribution to the textile industry of Panay through the Exposicion Regional De Pilipinas which showcased Iloilo as the “Textile Capital of the Philippines”, Third, Huebesan or “Thursday Market Day” at Jaro Public Market, and the last section, exhibits the 19th century Jaro, Iloilo.


There’s also a room converted into an audio-visual room for small meetings and seminars. It can cater at least 20 to 30 people only. The museum went through detailed restoration and preservation to enhance both its interior and exterior.

Opening hours of Casa Gamboa are only weekdays from 9am to 5pm with an entrance fee of Php 100 for students and Php 200 for regulars or professionals. The fee is consumable at Tinukib Café or pasalubong/souvenir shop.

Restoration of ancestral houses is also the preservation of historical past. If you’re planning to explore Iloilo’s history, here, with Iloilo blog, have a list of Iloilo’s preserved ancestral houses and mansions.

Featured Image Source: Iloilo Today

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