The Depiction of the Past – Casa Mariquit Ancestral House

The Depiction of the Past – Casa Mariquit Ancestral House

Iloilo is rich with historical destinations and ancient places. Some of those were ancestral houses turned into public museums. Situated at Santa Isabel, St. Jaro, Iloilo, stands a 200 year-old ancestral house – Casa Mariquit. The 2-storey ancestral home was built in 1803 by Ramon Javellana. It is not an official museum but the current owners just let people in to find out more about the past.



The house became Ramon Javellana’s home for his granddaughter, Mariquit, whom the house was named after, and her husband Fernando Lopez. Fernando Lopez served the Philippines as vice president in 1950s. Entering the house, you would probably feel unreal because it looks like you actually travelled back to the past.



A huge Balete tree guards the outside of the house and it creeps out people often, particularly at night. In 1993, the restoration of the house has started. The owners wanted to preserve the historical memory of the entire house. It is full of memorabilia, mostly old framed photographs attached on its walls. There are also ancient home decors and furniture such as old grandfather clock, gramophone, old cameras and restored paintings. Campaign paraphernalia of Fernando Lopez were also preserved and displayed at the house.

Casa Mariquit is open for public from 8 am to 5 pm but it’s preferable to call for an appointment. There’s an entrance fee worth Php50.00.

There is really more to Iloilo than just its foods and beaches. Aside from heritage museums, Iloilo also offers a Contemporary Art Museum.

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