Top 5 Budget-friendly Chinese Restaurants in Iloilo City

Top 5 Budget-friendly Chinese Restaurants in Iloilo City

Chinese New Year’s coming up! And you know what that means… That means a slew of festivities happening in the city, all to celebrate the entrance of the Year of the Pig. So, in line with this week’s Chinese New Year celebration (happening next week, by the way), we’re going to stack up these five budget-friendly Chinese restaurants in Iloilo City.

Our Pick for Budget-friendly Chinese Restaurants in Iloilo City

Ilonggos love to eat! And if you’re a tourist looking to experience Ilonggo culture at its finest, you’re missing out if you don’t dine in some of Iloilo City’s best budget-friendly Chinese restaurants — especially now that it’s the fever week of the Chinese New Year.

#1 Roberto’s

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Tucked away in the recesses of JM Basa’s street, there exists a restaurant that is so famed for its heavenly Siopao, that you simply cannot leave Iloilo City without getting a bite out of that soft white dumpling and its scrumptious fillings.

Roberto’s first opened to the public back on May 25, 1978. Several decades later, and the restaurant has become a household name among many Ilonggo citizens and their families. As mentioned before, Roberto’s steamed buns have that distinct taste that sets it apart from the others sold all over Iloilo City.

#2 Kusina Tsina

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Next in line is Kusina Tsina — one of the well-known budget-friendly Chinese restaurants in Iloilo City. It’s actually quite famous for exhibiting Chinese ambiance in tandem with their menu. And speaking of the menu, it’s HUGE.

Located along Quezon Street of Iloilo City, it may be a bit tricky for some commuters and tourists who are new to the city. But nevertheless, you can always count on the citizens or PUJ drivers to know where it is.

#3 Chowking

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One of the most well-known budget-friendly Chinese restaurants in Iloilo City, Chowking is right up on our list. Be forewarned, however, that the food isn’t geared so much towards the Chinese market as it is for Filipino’s taste buds.

But nevertheless, if you’re looking for Chinese food that has a Filipino twist to it, then Chowking is here stretching out these hands saying, “Here you go!”

#4 Master Chua Foodhaus

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Master Chua Foodhaus is one of the newer places in Iloilo City if you’re looking for authentic dishes. The viands begin at Php80.00 — quite a reasonable price. Their choices also vary all the time. The fact that it gets busy means there a lot for you to discover and be excited for.

#5 Kong Kee

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Kong Kee — yet another famous Chinese eatery in Iloilo’s City Proper. Much like Roberto’s and the Kusina Tsina, Kong Kee has been around for a long time — approximately 35 years now. For this reason, they offer a large variety of Southern Chinese dishes. You can also find yet another famous Siopao here.

For sure, if you’re looking for a place to visit and eat, and at the same time, experience the old ambiance of Iloilo City, Kong Kee just might be your best bet.

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Are you ready to taste and feel whIloilo Blogat else the city is able to provide?

Strap on your food pants and take a big bite out of budget-friendly Chinese restaurants in Iloilo City.

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