10 Christmas Lights Events in Iloilo That You Absolutely Can’t Miss

10 Christmas Lights Events in Iloilo That You Absolutely Can’t Miss

It’s not appropriate to say that Christmas is just around the corner anymore. Because it’s already here!

And what better way to spend the holidays with family than scouring the beautiful province of Iloilo once again to see the Christmas spirit come to life before your very eyes?

For years and years, Iloilo has been famous — among its residents and foreigners — for the various activities that happen all year round. But most notable of these events take place during the holiday season; when a lot of Iloilo’s famous towns and historical buildings come to life upon the lighting of hundreds and hundreds of Christmas lights.

And for today’s edition of Iloilo Blog, we’ll be giving you a countdown of our top 10 list of places to visit and watch out for this glorious season…

#10 Paskwa sa Parokya – Igbaras, Iloilo

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Image Credit: mybeautifulILOILO on Blogspot

Paskwa sa Parokya is the highlight of the Christmas celebration in the Municipality of Igbaras. Residents come together for the annual MKK Christmas Tree Contest in the Parish Church grounds, and the Daigon Contest happening at the covered gym.

These take place for the whole month, and traditionally, deciding who the winners are, happens on the eve of Christmas — December 24th or 23rd.

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Image Credit: mybeautifulILOILO on Blogspot

It’s a time for unity and cooperation, and these people couldn’t be happier.

#9 Light-a-Tree & Food Festival – Oton, Iloilo

You know it’s Christmas in Oton when all the municipal park trees and other structures are lined with glittering holiday lights. Appreciate the merriment of the holiday seasons by touring the Holy Gardens Memorial Park.

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Image Credit: Holy Gardens Group on Blogspot

Be a part of the festivities and the fun, and fill your stomach with the most delicious of food available. It’s happening from December 15 to 20.

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Image Credit: Holy Gardens Group on Blogspot

Stroll through the streets listening to the children sing their favorite Christmas carols, and find many holiday decorations of spectacular craftsmanship.

#8 Festival of Lights – Janiuay, Iloilo

Janiuay’s month-long celebration of the Festival of Lights is all about rejoicing in the birth of our Savior. Considered as one of the major tourist attractions of the town, the Festival of Lights at Janiuay kick off in the month of December on the 15th until the very end.

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Image Credit: Iloilo Metropolitan Times

It’s a grand opening night filled with entertaining cultural presentations, and enticingly colorful lights coupled with iconic Christmas symbols all lit up for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

#7 Disyembre sa Guimbal – Guimbal, Iloilo

If we’re not mistaken, Guimbal’s Disyembre sa Guimbal is now on its 43rd year. And yet again, it’s another glorious celebration in honor of the birth of our Lord and Savior.

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Image Credit: YouTube user Karyll Caberoy

From December 16 to 25, have your fill of holiday festivities in Guimbal, Iloilo. Each year’s event opens with a grandiose parade followed by endless days of fun and excitement involving various contests, and a heartfelt recognition of why we visit the holiday seasons.

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Image Credit: YouTube user Dramax Maxwel

It always kicks off in the Municipal Plaza accompanied by Food Festivals, and the Agro Fair. It’s a whirlwind of activity and fun for the whole month, just for you.

#6 University of the Philippines Lantern Parade – Miagao, Iloilo & Gen. Luna, Iloilo City

Municipalities and towns have their celebrations, and prestigious educational institutions around the country have theirs too. Among the many is UP’s annual Lantern Parade — held across every campus throughout the nation. And UPV is no exception.

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Image Credit: upv.edu.ph

Paskua 2018 for UPV starts Today, December 4 with a Ceremonial Lighting of Christmas Lights. And the much awaited Lantern Parade is set to happen on December 14, Friday.

paskua sched 2018
Image Credit: upv.edu.ph | Paskua 2018

It’s every student’s chance to showcase their creativity as they create their own lanterns and giant Christmas-themed floats.

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Image Credit: upv.edu.ph

From giant designs of that holy night in the manger to symbols of love and peace, the students of the University of the Philippines are as creative as they are festive.

And seeing all those lights parade around the street as one, it’s truly an event to remember,

#5 The Angelicum School/Lizares Mansion – Jaro, Iloilo City

Christmas at The Angelicum School at Tabuc Suba, Jaro, Iloilo City marks each celebration with the lighting up of hundreds and hundreds of festive lights, lining the facade of the Lizares Mansion.

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Image Credit: Gerlie Uy

Keep an eye out for The Angelicum School’s pretty lighting celebrations. Visitors can come and enjoy the sights from 6pm until midnight.

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Image Credit: JM Mejorada @ pinoyphotography.org

Flocked to by both locals and tourists alike, each year’s display of lights is both striking and pleasing to the eyes. It’s an attraction of both sight and sound as Christmas carols fill the air with the holiday spirit, and the sight transports you to a world all its own.

#4 CPU Opening of Lights – Jaro, Iloilo City

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Image Credit: cpu.edu.ph
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Image Credit: Christian Lozanes @ pinoyphotography.org

A tradition long held by Central Philippine University is its lovely Opening of Lights ceremony held every December. And this year is no different.

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Imaged Credit: cpu.edu.ph

CPU will launch it’s Christmas Lights this coming Friday, December 7 in the Centennial Walkway.

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Image Credit: YouTube user Jesreal Sanz

In its celebration of the Light of Life, it’s all about merry festivities and a joyous December celebration from there on out. Bring your friends and family for a brilliant spectacle of sights and sounds as the night sky lights up with Christmas lights and stark fireworks.

#3 Opening of Lights – Iloilo Provincial Capitol

The Iloilo Provincial Capitol is the place of many city government activities, and as the Christmas season came, so did the festive holiday spirit. Every year, people await the Opening of Lights on the Provincial Capitol.

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Image Credit: RMN Iloilo

And the city government did not disappoint this year. Along with the traditional lighting of the Provincial Capitol building facade, fireworks also lit up the night sky last Thursday, November 29.

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Image Credit: RMN Iloilo

Feel free to check it out for yourselves…

#2 Christmas at SM City Iloilo

Christmas celebrations in parks, government buildings, and universities, are lots of fun. But a regular place we all visit — and don’t deny it — are malls. And as one of the longest existing malls in the city, SM City doesn’t disappoint when it comes to serving us our fair share of Christmas feels.

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Image Credit: SM City Iloilo

Visit SM City Malls for your dose of aesthetically pleasing holiday feels in the form of a Christmas tree encased in an Eiffel Tower replica, flanked on both sides by giant teddy bears.

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Image Credit: SM City Iloilo

And of course, SM City Southpoint doesn’t fall behind with its walkway of light posts and lanterns.

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Image Credit: SM City Iloilo

#1 IWAG Festival of Lights – Pototan, Iloilo

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Image Credit: HelloTravel

We’ve circled various towns in Iloilo to Universities and the malls, and this countdown trail leads us back to the town of Pototan. This is where the legendary IWAG Festival of Lights is held.

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Image Credit: HelloTravel

Deemed as Western Visayas’ Christmas Capital, the longest-running Christmas event held in Pototan, Iloilo draws a tremendous amount of community support.

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Image Credit: mybeautifulILOILO on Blogspot

And this year, it’s coming to us on December 16. That’s Sunday — a week and four days from now.

Wander throughout a field of glittering park trees, and get a taste of local flavors while being entertained with nightly presentations. As one of the most iconic events celebrated in the Philippines, it’s a night of cultural fun and festivities you don’t want to miss.

Join the Festivities

It’s fun to try out and spend holidays in other places, and maybe even experience snow for those of us who can do that, but it’s not bad to take the time to tour and see the beauty of what Iloilo has to offer — over and over again.

With so many things to do, so many local delicacies to try, and festivities to participate in, why would you say no to a celebration as dynamic as this?

Christmas in the Philippines — Iloilo, in particular — will never be a boring occasion, that’s for sure…

Keep browsing to see more awesome places you can visit around Iloilo.

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