Coffee House Beanery: Coffee for You and Me

Coffee House Beanery: Coffee for You and Me

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Coffee House Beanery: Coffee for You and Me

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Distressing after a long day is seamless at the Coffee House Beanery.



Pause from labor and sip a coffee or non-coffee beverage and grab some meals at Coffee House Beanery. The coffee house is great for catching up with a friend and conduct a meeting with a few workmates. It is a two-story coffee house and is located at Quezon-Ledesma St., Iloilo City (fronting Robinsons Mall Iloilo City)CoffeeHouseBeanery3

The place was upright for a soft conversation and it has a peaceful atmosphere and the fragrance of coffee is desirable. It is roomy, displays an environment in an imaginative way inspired by dark and light decors and offers more seats than a usual cafe. Correspondingly sole about this coffee house is its charisma. Ornamenting the café’s stockades are stunningly-written moving.CoffeeHouseBeanery1

The coffee house is not just a coffee and tea type of café as they also serve dishes of your choice. Their menu consists of coffee and non-coffee beverages, all-day breakfast meals, pastries, pasta dishes, entree, and sandwiches.CoffeeHouseBeanery2

“Life is all the stuff you have to do between coffee time and wine time”

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