A Café Experience like No Other – Coffee Project

A Café Experience like No Other – Coffee Project

Overall Impression

A Café Experience like No Other – Coffee Project





It was the best cafe experience i had! From food and drink options to the place's ambiance, it was all great!



One of the first-class municipalities of Iloilo – Oton, and now has several residential subdivisions situated.  Sprawling inside Oton is Vista Iloilo, considered to be one of the greatest developments of Vista Land across the Visayan Region.

It was a fine day, Saturday when my high school buddy asked me for some document help. When we met, she asked for a place where we can work. I abruptly recommended Coffee Project! It might be like a 30-minute ride from the city, but i told her “Trust me it’s more than worthwhile.”


The scent of coffee all over the place was the first thing I have noticed when I first visited the Coffee Project. Coffee smell is so captivating that even, I, a non-caffeine drinker fell in love with coffee just because of its scent. Also, its elegant interior made me want to come back again and again.

They say, aside from good food and drinks they offer, they also highlight the exceptional interior of the shop. Personally, I must say, it is insta-worthy! It is also a great place to study plus they have a fast internet connection! It’s a café with an atmosphere of home, seems like a home away from home. There are coffee-related quotes, organized sectioned spaces and lots of attractive garden decorations all over the place. From chairs to tables to wall-designs to other kinds of furniture, Coffee Project will surely please your eyes.


They sell varieties of food selections as well. They have plates of pasta, sandwiches, pizzas and many more – they call it hearty meals. There are also delicacies and pastries for your sweet cravings. For drinks, they have coffee and caffeine-free beverages, smoothies and frappes, and also teas. You won’t run out of food options.


How To Get There

We took a jeepney ride from SM City to monkey grounds and rode Oton jeep to take us to Mohon Terminal where Vista Mall’s Metro express is waiting. Metro Express is an exclusive bus-ride for people going to Vista Mall. Metro Express’ routes include Mohon Terminal – Vista Mall (vice versa) and Ceres Terminal – Vista Mall (vice versa).

I am not into coffees but, I absolutely know I’ll find my way coming back to Coffee Project! But for those caffeine enthusiasts, Coffee Project is a must try for you. Have an incomparable coffee experience at Coffee Project! You can also check out other coffee destinations around the city, with Iloilo Blog.

For more information about the Coffee Project, visit their website: http://coffeeproject.com.ph/

Featured Image Source: Janine Angela Francisco

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