Not Your Typical Pasalubong Delicacy – Cream Horns

Not Your Typical Pasalubong Delicacy – Cream Horns

Iloilo is known for yummy sweet treats like biscocho, barquillos, and butterscotch. Today, there is a fast-becoming as one of the most popular and newest sugary delicacy in Iloilo, Cream Horns. These are one of the delicious pasalubong pastries and the pride of Iloilo. Like other sweet pasalubong delicacies, these are made up of flour, eggs, butter and milk. It is a wrapped pastry shaped like a horn with a sweet milky cream filling inside. Some says the filling is yema, but not as sugary.



Margec’s Deli

Margec’s Deli is the most famous pasalubong house that offers cream horns in the city. They also have assortments of pastries like mouth-watering cream puffs, napoleones in both regular and chocolate flavor, cassava desserts, cinnamon palmers, banana cakes, buko cream pie, empanaditas and other types of bread. It is located at Jaro District of Iloilo City in front of Jollibee E. Lopez Branch.


Originally, Margec’s Deli provides only one-flavor filling, yema-like flavored, now, they also offer chocolate, strawberry and buko pandan flavored fillings. Cream Horns sweet flavorsome make you take another bite. One box of Cream Horns costs Php 190.00 and it contains 10pcs.

Take one bite and you’ll surely take another box of this ice-cream shaped pastry!

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