Curvus Café – Dining Experience at Dumangas Bay

Curvus Café – Dining Experience at Dumangas Bay

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Curvus Café – Dining Experience at Dumangas Bay





Good food and good place -- perfect for those who wanted an escape from the busy city life and enjoy a serene view of the sea.


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Try a delicate dining experience along the coastal roads of Dumangas, Iloilo – Curvus Café. It opened on 2015 as a simple and plain bamboo restaurant situated 900 meters before the Dumangas port. People visit Curvus for their innovative food choices and warm ambiance.


If you’re planning to have a road trip to Dumangas, it’s the perfect place to drop-by and grab some coffee and snacks. They offer hearty meals prioritizing of course local dishes to satisfy your starving stomach. It also became a spot for family outing and barkada get together with a fine view of the calm sea meeting the sky.

Today, Curvus’ has been the setting of people who are seeking for a serene vibe with good food. The café promotes not just local dishes but Dumangas tourism as well. Customers usually prefer dining at the terrace part of the café where they got to witness the superb sunset view in the afternoon.

Curvus Grille and Oyster Bar


Due to people’s demand, Curvus Café opened its twin resto – Curvus Grille and Oyster Bar located right across Curvus Café. Matching the café’s menu, the Grille Bar offers you mouth-watering seafood dishes and grilled plates to fulfill your cravings. It has also become the place for different events such as debut, school and family reunions and wedding receptions. Moreover, the grille bar attracts customer because of the 360 degree view of Dumangas and nearby municipalities of Iloilo and even Guimaras Island.

Taste great food with a serene view of the sea at Curvus Café! There are a lot more must-visit cafés around Iloilo.

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