Dengue in Iloilo Alert: Red Cross is Now Sending Help to Affected Areas

Dengue in Iloilo Alert: Red Cross is Now Sending Help to Affected Areas

Dengue in Iloilo has gotten so bad that it’s reached a point where The Philippine Red Cross has sent additional blood supply.

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A total of 165 units of frozen blood packs have been sent to not just Iloilo, but in Aklan as well. These two provinces have declared for dengue outbreak. And as cases are documented, the death toll has also risen unfortunately.

PRC chairman, Senator Richard Gordon has reassured the public of the quick availability of blood supply. Plasma and cryoprecipitate are especially important and needed in complicated cases of dengue in Iloilo and Aklan.

“We keep track of the supplies in all our blood facilities in the country. In the event, the blood supply in a specific facility drops to a critical level, we will know immediately which nearby facility can provide additional products.”

~ Sen. Richard Gordon

But apart from blood supply, the Philippine Red Cross has also provided medical tents for dengue patients in Balasan, Iloilo. The tents have 40 beds. In addition, the district hospital under the Iloilo provincial government only has 25 beds when dengue patients have reached over 200.

Dengue in Iloilo: Please be Aware

If you’ve been tuning into the latest news, then you know that just last week, July 23, 2019, the province of Iloilo has declared for dengue outbreak. Also, the province is under a state of calamity because of dengue in Iloilo.

The city’s health department has recorded a 416.7% increase in dengue cases compared to the previous year. That’s a lot, and that’s very concerning.

Now, massive clean-up drives and school suspensions are happening left and right. It’s a smart move and a good effort to protect children from the most common breeding places of the deadly insect.

Also, the Department of Health has also declared a national dengue alert some time ago. And that means public hospitals, health centers, and local government units are to be prepared with equipment, medicine, and personnel to respond to dengue cases.

Things to Remember to Protect Yourself

Dengue in Iloilo is not a joke…

It’s easy to assume that you could be an exception to the rule. You probably don’t live in an area labeled as a dengue cluster, or you have no place in the home that would breed dengue mosquitoes.

But know that nobody is completely safe. For this reason, you need to take extra precautions to protect yourself from the dangerous Aedes Aegypti mosquito.

A couple of things to remember include:

  • Use mosquito repellent: Apply ones that contain DEET. Slather it over your bare skin. But avoid smearing it over your eyes, mouth, nose, ears, anything with an entrance into your body. That goes for open wounds, irritated skin, and cuts too.
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and sweatpants: Wear clothing that covers your arms and legs. Preferably, light-colored clothing.
  • Mosquito nets: For extra safety, use a mosquito net when you sleep.
  • Prevent mosquito breeding: Inside and outside the home, do what you need to keep your home dengue-free. Clean up regularly, and keep your water sources covered, so mosquitoes can’t lay eggs there.
  • Stay away from mosquito-prone areas: Stay away from dengue clusters, and also other areas that look like great places to breed deadly mosquitoes.

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