Dinagyang 2019 Opening Salvo Kicking Off Tomorrow, January 11

Dinagyang 2019 Opening Salvo Kicking Off Tomorrow, January 11

The celebration and festivities never end in the City of Love. Just when you thought all the hype has died because the holiday seasons have come to close, another holiday and a day of celebration is just around the corner. The prelude to Iloilo City’s biggest tourist event is coming. Dinagyang 2019 Opening Salvo kicks off tomorrow!

Dinagyang 2019 Opening Salvo: A Much-awaited Prelude

The days leading up to tomorrow was rife with the sound of faint drumbeats echoing through different parts of the city. With 8 tribes practicing so they could bring their A-game tomorrow, it’s not far-fetched to say that Dinagyang fever is slowly but surely encroaching upon the city.

And as of today, it has been confirmed that 8 tribes will be joining in the Iloilo Dinagyang 2019 Opening Salvo happening tomorrow. It starts at 3PM tomorrow from the New Freedom Grandstand at Muelle Loney and along the parade route around the metropolis.

Tomorrow marks the first public appearance of the 8 competing tribes and a highly-anticipated sneak preview of what the tribes will be offering in the official competition happening on January 27.

Witness the awe-inspiring dance numbers and listen to the fast thump-thump of the drum beats. These 8 tribes will be performing in five stages at the Freedom Grandstand, the Capitol, Quezon-Ledesma, Aldeguer, and Plaza Libertad.

As an encouragement to join the merriment and witness a taste of grandeur, this is what Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation Inc. tribe committee chairperson Robert Alor has to say:

“I encourage everyone to witness the performances. Let us make the opening salvo livelier by cheering for your favorite tribes although their dance steps will just be simpler. They will save and give their best in the highlight.”

In addition to the 8 tribes’ performances, anticipate the famed Tribu Bola-Bola of Iloilo National High School, and Tribu Miru of the Indigenous Community from Barotac Viejo and Anilao as they make their special appearances.

Dinagyang 2019 Opening Salvo: A Word of Caution

In events as iconic as these, there are bound to be incidents waiting around the corner. And as much as we don’t want them to happen, they inevitably do. Our solution? Follow what the Iloilo City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO) has to tell the public.

Starting at 1PM tomorrow, January 11, there will be road closures to avoid untoward incidents. Such emergencies expected during the Dinagyang 2019 Opening Salvo include dehydration and cases of fainting.

CDRRMO emergency response head, Darwin Joemil Papa said:

“Do not insist on entering roads that are closed to traffic because it will create congestion.”

Whatever the case, rest assured that there will be 8 ambulances from the CDRRMO and other agencies deployed around the premises.

But still, it is highly advised that people bring umbrellas, caps, hats, and a source of water to fight off dehydration and the heat of the midday sun.

Take Part in the Festivities!

As mentioned before, the Dinagyang 2019 Opening Salvo is but a prelude of the grand performance that is yet to come. And as you witness these 8 tribes give it their all, remember to stay safe and fully enjoy what Iloilo City has to offer.


Tomorrow, January 11 at 3PM; around the city metropolis. You don’t want to miss it.

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