Experience Spain in the City of Iloilo

Experience Spain in the City of Iloilo

If you want to venture a Spanish themed trip then you should include Iloilo in your bucket list. “La Muy Leal Y Noble Ciudad de Iloilo” or “The Most Loyal and the Noble City of Iloilo” is a title vested by the Queen Maria Cristina of Spain through a royal decree in the year 1898 to Iloilo. With the booming economic status of Iloilo and the rising of tall buildings, the Spanish roots of Ilonggos are still evident from the oldest up to the newest structures that have emerged over the years in the city. One of these additions is the Plazuela de Iloilo.

Plazuela De Iloilo

The Plazuela de Iloilo is a fusion of both Spanish and Italian architectural designs which manifests in its complex detailing, colonnade hallways, and grand staircases. It is a great dining, shopping and recreational destination as it houses several specialty and novelty shops, restaurants and some government agencies.




It has also been popular among some tourists because of the monthly change in some of its decorations that suit the special occasions that the month represents. During the Dinagyang festival, the Plazuela de Iloilo’s plaza is converted into a food park that serves as a venue for merrymaking.



With the Plazuela de Iloilo’s Extension coming into life, the Plazuela Dos, it is expected to bring out more the undeniable Spanish roots of the Ilonggos as it displays grander and more concise representation of Spanish designs.



Iloilo is the place where you don’t have to forget the past, instead, cherish it for the future.

A kilometer away from this destination is a modern type of hangout place, the Smallville, Iloilo.

Featured image source: Michael John Sabido

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