Distinct Festivals in Iloilo : Bursting with Colors and Creativity

Distinct Festivals in Iloilo : Bursting with Colors and Creativity

Iloilo is geographically located at the center of the Philippines, thus, nicknamed Heart of the Philippines. Aside from the well-known Dinagyang festival, Iloilo offers more religious and colorful festivities. It is also known to be the “Province of Festivals”. Throughout the year, different festivals are annually being celebrated all over Iloilo to honor religious saints or showcase tradition, culture or history.

Binanog Festival

The pride festival of Lambunao, Binanog festival, is yearly celebrated during the second week of January to honor the infant Jesus. Binanog Festival showcases the famous and traditional, Binanog dance. Binanog dance is a courtship dance that mimics the actions and movements of a “Banog”, a Filipino term for hawk. Moreover, several dance competitions and activities add more fun that draws interests to tourists to come and experience the religious festival.


The festival also exhibits customs and traditions of Lambunaonons to promote indigenous culture. Participants dances smoothly along with lively music and their hearts all out.

Paraw Regatta

Every 3rd week of February, various colorful handcrafted sailboats called Paraws are being shown at the seashore of Iloilo City. Paraw Regatta was known as the oldest traditional craft event in Asia, started in the late 16th century. It is a race among the seafarers of the Paraws between the waters of Guimaras Island and city of Iloilo.

The event highlights the Miss Iloilo Paraw Regatta Festival Queen, a showcase of beauty among women of Iloilo, the crowned queen shall be the ambassadress that signifies the festival’s advocacy and vision. This annual event prolongs the culture and legacy of Ilonggos by being creative, artistic and resourceful.

Pintados de Pasi Festival

Another vibrant festival takes place at the 4th District of Iloilo, specifically, Passi City — the Pintados de Pasi Festival. Tourists from different places annually visits and celebrates this tattoo festival to see festive dancers inked their bodies as they dance along with the beat of drums, plastic pipes and handcrafted bamboos. The event highlights the tribal dance competition which showcases tattooed dancers with their colorful costumes and powerful movements.


Tattoos are signs of cultural identities. Long ago, it is believed that you cannot just simply attain a tattoo, you must accomplish specific task first. This celebratory occasion serves as the continuance of the tattoo tradition in Panay.

Iloilo lets you experience not just a mere festival but a celebratory happiness.

Featured Image Source: Iloilo Today

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