Garin Farm: A Pilgrimage to Heaven

Garin Farm: A Pilgrimage to Heaven

San Joaquin is the first municipality you will meet upon entering Iloilo if you came from Antique. It is where Garin Farm located, a 14-hectare inland resort with several leisure activities to offer. If you enter this place, you would actually realize you’re really in a farm because of the smell. The area is inhabited by varieties of farm animals but, a few meters from the gate awaits the majestic view of the whole farm.


Garin Farm is an ideal place for family gatherings, company outings and also educational tours. You can do lots of outdoor activities within the place. For water activities, you can try kayaking, boat-padding, and fishing in their lagoon. There’s also a swimming pool with man-made waterfalls that kids will surely love. If you want to go with a thrilling activity, you can go with a 300-meter zip line across the lagoon.




The main attraction of the farm is the Pilgrimage. It’s more like a representation of a journey to heaven.  The Pilgrimage is a 456-step stair going up to the Divine Mercy Cross. The climb wouldn’t be that easy but your eyes will be in awe once you reached the top. You will see the entire farm even the water forms near the site. Just remember, the greatest view comes after the hardest climb!


On your way up, you will see life-size figures of different biblical scenes such as Noah’s Ark, The Last Supper, The Agony in the Garden, The Crucifixion and Ascension of Jesus. I hope people also respect these figures and try to reflect instead of just taking pictures. Pilgrimage is a sacred area that must be respected, it’s not an area for publicity.

For a nature-fun experience with a religious journey, Garin Farm is the best place to go, away from tall buildings, traffic, and toxic smoke. Be acquainted with nature, give time for yourself and have an adventure.

While on your way to Garin Farm, if you ever get hungry, you can grab a meal at Sulu Garden at Miag-ao, Iloilo.

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