Home Buying Tips in the Philippines

Home Buying Tips in the Philippines

Home buying in the Philippines certainly provides a definite identity in the real estate industry in the country. The attitude of the people towards buying real estate has changed dramatically in the past years. It can be understood that with more investors coming into the country, not only are developers becoming more interested in finding better locations to build their projects and offer these properties at a reasonable way of pricing and a workable set of payment schedules.

The Philippine real estate industry is now taking a better shape compared to what it was before. More are now considering buying their property in the metro. With everything happening in the cities, people are being drawn to these locations. On the other hand, other properties are located in much less busy areas to house individuals who prefer to live in a much quieter and more exclusive location.

Whatever you like out of buying a home for yourself or your family, here are some of the tips that you might want to learn about:


Location Matters

Depending on the location of the property, the price of the unit may be defined.

The building’s location gives you access to different areas that will make your stay in the area more satisfying and comfortable.

Location is undoubtedly an essential requirement in finding the right home to choose from available real properties in the market. It is best to note that in locating your property, find one that best fits the lifestyle that you live. If you are a working professional, you might want to be in an area where you can access all the critical areas for your work.

However, if you want a more laid-back lifestyle, you might want to choose an area that is much less connected to the city but is still a few minutes’ drive away from the central business district.

Size Depends on Purpose

What size of unit would you likely want to live in? If you are alone, you might wish for a bachelor pad style of living. If you are buying a property for you and your family, it will likely depend on your family’s size. A small family might fit in a one-bedroom unit. If your family is more than three members, you might better fit in a two-bedroom unit. An even larger family would fit better in connected units.

When it comes to finding the right size for you to buy and stay in, you can ask the developer to help you out with the unit’s design. This will be best addressed if you will buy a preselling unit where adjustments to the design can still be considered before the unit is passed on to you for ownership.

Amenities Define the Value of Your Property

Amenities can be either private or public.

Public properties include areas that are easily accessible to everyone within the community. This includes parks, zoos, libraries, malls, the market, schools, and other public places where the community members come together to share different services.

On the other hand, private amenities are the areas where only owners of properties within a building can access. When you buy a real estate property within a building, you can have access to the swimming pool, the children’s playground, the gym, and other areas specifically made to make your stay in the building a satisfying one.

Lush residences in Makati offer not only a location-wise choice but it also has the perfect private and public amenities surrounding and have distinct unit sizes that will certainly fit your needs, your expectations, and your purpose.

Besides being in a great location, the Lush Residences also boasts a great eco-design that not all SMDC developed properties have. This feature gives the project the feel of luxury while also giving it a pleasing appearance that is both inviting and relaxing.

How Your Property is Priced

Considering all the factors of excellent real estate properties, as noted in the previous sections of this post, it is essential to note that your property would be priced according to these factors. The better location, the better amenities, and the larger size, everything would be considered when your unit is being priced.

Another consideration to give attention to is that of the project’s condition as it is being sold to you. If the property is being pre-sold, meaning it has not been completed yet, it might be sold to you at a much lower price. If the project is already in the middle of being completed, then the cost is to be sold at a higher rate.

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Our Recommendations

Finding the right property to buy is much easier now than ever. MetroRealty Search is one of the most trusted online databases for great homes and properties for sale around the metro. At the same time, the growing real estate industry in the country gives way to the rising number of trustworthy real estate agents who are more than ready to guide you in buying the right property for your family and your investment.

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