How Plastic Surgery is Body Positivity

How Plastic Surgery is Body Positivity

The Body Positivity movement is making a way for men and women to feel confident, comfortable, and happy with their physical selves. The focus of the Body Positivity movement is to push the idea that there is no standard for beauty, but that instead, all bodies are beautiful, regardless of shape and size. This movement helps build a positive body image to live a happier life by boosting self-esteem, choosing healthier lifestyles, and learning how to love yourself and your body to the fullest. Most people believe that the body positivity movement is about hating the mainstream model body type by saying “Real women have curves!” But in reality, the body positivity movement understands that people of all shapes and sizes, even those with mainstream body types, also have body image issues that are important.

Body Positivity and Women Empowerment

There are tons of genetic differences between each and every one of us, and we are each unique and beautiful precisely because of those differences. Because of this paradigm shift, it’s empowering to see young women being empowered by confidence and self-esteem. It’s also amazing to see the reduction in the anxiety, depression, and eating disorders that have been an underlying problem for women for generations. 

Body positivity is an amazing and empowering message that truly mixes well with what the professionals do in plastic surgery. As much as these aesthetic procedures that are being offered aren’t a quick fix, but when carefully and properly done, plastic surgery is a way to enhance someone’s body to make them feel most comfortable in their own skin. These people aren’t begging to look like Victoria’s Secret models through these procedures. They are asking for natural and tasteful procedures that would make them feel at their most comfortable, and go out into the world as the best versions of themself.  They feel comfortable and look beautiful, and their lifestyle and attitude show just that, regardless of their body type. 

Everyone’s Path Towards Self-Love Is Different

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Plastic surgery isn’t about making people look the same as their favorite celebrity, but about embracing what makes each and every one unique and beautiful as an individual. For others, it means emphasizing a part of them that they are already very proud of.

It’s very important to note that surgery is not for everyone. But a woman should also be supported if she does choose to undergo surgery for personal reasons. Body positivity also means that there is no judgment for what an individual decides to do to their body, and it’s important to avoid shaming those who make decisions that are different from ours and to work towards expanding the different ideals of beauty without shaming and judging people who find happiness in a plastic surgery procedure.

Body positivity also means celebrating the love for your body the way it naturally is, but ifplastic surgery makes someone feel confident, then why not celebrate that, as well? Plastic surgery can indeed help you towards having a positive self-image. The reasons a person might choose to undergo plastic surgery or reconstructive cosmetic surgery are all different, but all of them are valid and empowering reasons.

Unfortunate accidents that can leave people scarred or deformed, and oftentimes both, may also need plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Birth defectssuch as cleft lips, ear deformities, and skeletal deformities can cause physical and emotional handicaps. Reconstructive surgery helps restore normal functioning and appearance.

Dramatic weight loss. A person who’s lost a massive amount of weight quickly will have a lot of excess skin that refuses to shrink. Removing the excess skin is a way to correct the appearance of the damage caused by obesity.

Self-esteem and self-confidence. People love to judge others for getting cosmetic surgery, yet everyone makes changes to their appearance; whether with new hairstyles, fashion choices, or cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is neither good nor bad, it’s simply a tool for change.

Understandingthe motivation behind the reasons someone undergoes plastic surgery makes a big difference. One of the core ideals of body positivity is that you should be free to express yourself however you want. Appreciating the body that you have doesn’t mean you can be robbed of the choice to change it.

Body Positivity Also Means Choosing the Right Surgeon

You decide how you want your body image to be. But you also have to know that your surgeon can do that for you. You don’t want a botched surgery that can make you less comfortable in your own skin. That’s why it’s important to trust your surgeon. The people at Art & Fact can help you with your plastic surgery Calgary needs, so you can make sure that you’re going to look your best self for yourself. They also offer lower body lifts and breast augmentation Calgary should you need their services for your road to body positivity.

Your Body Your Choice

At the end of the day, the choices you make for your body should be yours alone. They shouldn’t be influenced by social media, peer pressure, or fear. Dyeing your hair, completely changing your fashion style, or undergoing breast augmentation are all valid and okay as long as they are your decisions.

Explore your body. Change things about it. Make people look at you differently than they used to. Remember that you’re doing it for yourself. Other people’s opinions do not define you. You define yourself.

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