5 Ice Cream Parlors in Iloilo City that You Should Check Out

5 Ice Cream Parlors in Iloilo City that You Should Check Out

Summer isn’t around the corner. Summer is here! And although we love a good excuse to hightail it to the beach and other summer destinations, it’s also pretty annoying to suffer through the scorching heat that summer never fails to bring. So, how about we cool down by checking out some of these ice cream parlors in Iloilo City?

Ice Cream Parlors in Iloilo City that You Should Visit

In the old days, our choices were limited to our classic halo-halo, mais con yelo, and even the famed ice candy. While nothing in this world can quite replace those childhood favorites, we’re always open to finding “new” desserts to drool over.

Nowadays, iced desserts come in a variety of presentations that not only look good; they taste heavenly as well.

#1 Sweet Cravings

Image Credit: TripAdvisor & Sweet Cravings Facebook Page

Located in SM City Iloilo Southpoint’s ground floor, and in Atria Park District is a shop that lives up to its name. For any person with a massive sweet tooth, Sweet Cravings is your first taste of Heaven here on Earth.

Try their famous halo-halo. Or if you’re daring enough, maybe you’d like a bite out of their crazy yet oh so delicious desserts.

#2 Nothing but Desserts

Image Credit: The Exaggerated Zeal, Trip Advisor, & Nothing But Desserts Facebook Page

If you’re visiting in Iloilo City, don’t leave unless you’ve checked out Nothing but Desserts at Smallville. The shop isn’t exclusive to serving ice creams or gelatos; they also serve a variety of desserts you’d love to sink your teeth into.

#3 Buon Gelato

Image Credit: Yelp, Valcaulin, & Iloilo Today

You can find Buon Gelato outlets in various malls across Iloilo City — most notably in Robinsons’ Place and in SM City.

They serve other sweet treats as well, but they’re most popular for their Italian ice cream creations. With multiple flavors (mascarpone, dark chocolate, crema walnut, Ferrero, mojito, strawberry etc) to choose from, I dare say you just might have a blast.

#4 Margaux’s Gourmet Ice Cream

margaux's-gourmet-ice-cream-iloilo-city (1)
Image Credit: Margaux’s Gourmet Ice Cream Facebook Page

Margaux’s Gourmet Ice Cream lives up to its name because of delicious ice cream (of course), and the pleasantly unusual way it’s being displayed.

So, if you’re looking for something sweet and new to tickle your palate, head on over to Megaworld’s Festive Walk and indulge yourself in some charcoal ice cream, and the famous cloud cone (ice cream cones wrapped in fluffy cotton candy). There’s also milk tea in ice cream form.

Are you drooling yet?

#5 The Parlor

Image Credit: The Parlor Facebook Page & Shemaegomez

No, it’s not a place to get your hair and nails done up and pretty. (Why would a place like that even be on this list?)

The Parlor (Rose’s Frozen Delights) is a cute and cozy place to get yourself helpings of mouthwatering ice cream. It’s a Parisian themed place on the 2nd floor of Festive Walk Parade.

Choose your own toppings and flavors that vary. (So, whenever you, can check back to find new stuff you can amuse yourself with). Get your fill of sundaes, banana splits, parfaits, and freaky milkshakes.

Final Thoughts on the Following Ice Cream Parlors in Iloilo City

Time to whip out your spoons and smartphones. Why? For eating and Instagramming, of course!

Are you ready for a summer filled with chilly and sweet treats that would make even your sweet tooth drop? I know I am, and if I were you, I’d put this article down for a short second to head on over and visit these ice cream parlors in Iloilo City.

And while you’re eating and licking away at crazy ice cream scoops, maybe you’d like to check out other places to eat in the city. Keep reading through Iloilo Blog for more.

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