Ilonggo tops PMA for 2018

Ilonggo tops PMA for 2018


Cadet 1CL Jaywardene Galilea Hontoria, a resident of Brgy. Balabag, Pavia, Iloilo was the recent class valedictorian of Philippine Military Academy for 2018.

Cadet Hontoria is a son of a farmer. On his speech, he said a line from his father saying,

‘To, mas mag-an ang ballpen dal-on kesa sa mag-araro. Mag-tuon ka mayo.’ (‘Son, it is much easier and lighter to carry a pen than to hold a plow. You should study hard instead.’).

It was a realization for everyone that despite of all the challenges you’re going through, you must not quit.

Before entering PMA, he was a graduate of West Visayas State University. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Eventually, he became a licensed nurse. But, it seems like he wasn’t contented about it, he saw an opportunity of taking PMA and with no hesitation, he grabbed it. After passing the exam, he knew it won’t be easy. It’ll be a tough road, but, a determined person is unstoppable.

He worked hard in all aspects. He was challenged yet he did not falter, he fought back. Cadet Hontoria is now an inspiration to everyone.

“To more challenges that await us, bring it on!” – he ended his speech.

Cadet Hontoria will surely uphold the main core values of WVSU, Service, Harmony and Excellence.

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