Indoor Activities Perfect for Family Bonding

Indoor Activities Perfect for Family Bonding

If you’re looking for ways to reduce a child’s screen time, here are a few ideas to try.


It is critical to spend time together as a family, but it can be difficult with our hectic schedules. The key is to connect with simple and enjoyable family bonding experiences at home. Things to do with your children and make your whole family laugh and create memories together.

You don’t even have to spend money to enjoy family bonding activities; all you need is a little imagination. Our inexpensive family indoor outings will help you enjoy time together when you’re at home or looking for something interesting to do together.

Family Game Night

A family game night is the simplest way to connect with members of your family. Get the board games out and have a good time playing them together. Make it a night to remember with a delightful themed dinner and desserts.

Try playing Minute to Win It if you don’t want to play board games. They have one-minute games that you can play with things around your home. The games are indeed very fun to play! Don’t worry. You can even play games the whole family created!

Would You Rather

The funny Would You Rather game is a favorite among children. It’s an excellent place to start a dialogue with your children. Offer ridiculous questions to the children, such as “Would you rather have a pig’s tail or long nails?” or “Would you rather eat small frogs or small lizards?”

Go around the table to decide what each of you likes. And investigate why the kids will eat a worm rather than a beetle. The replies are the most fun part!

Home Obstacle Course

Build an obstacle course for the whole family to enjoy. The setup alone is an excellent way for the family to bond. When you’ve built the obstacle course, let the kids race around the course. If they like competition, time the children and see who can finish the course the fastest. Much like all competitions, having a prize ready isn’t such a bad idea. You can always make a “Get out of doing chores” coupon. 

Watch TV

Even when you’re at home, you can still communicate with your family by playing virtual games. There are tons of multiplayer games and even ways to play with the whole family through communication tools like Zoom, Skype, and even Discord!

You can also use online games for kids to play with relatives or friends who you can’t see in person. All would enjoy seeing each other and playing in games such as Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, Bingo, Pictionary, and more.

Arts & Crafts

Do your children like doing art projects at home? Gather all the art supplies at home and work on art projects as a family. It’s one great way to spend time with your family at a table, away from technology, just relaxing and being imaginative.

Pinterest is brimming with easy and exciting craft ideas for kids to do at home. You can use regular household items as the primary art project theme. That way, you’ll never have to leave the house! Children should use their imagination to make each art project special.

Science Experiments

Encourage your children’s interest in science by doing exciting experiments at home. The entire family will enjoy doing fun experiments and seeing what happens. This activity is a great bonding experience since some science experiments need adult supervision.

Making an erupting volcano is one crowd favorite. It’s effortless, and the kids will be amazed every time the volcano erupts. You can always go on the internet and try to experiment too!

Chalk Games

If you have space, try to create fun chalk games for kids to play on your driveway or sidewalks. This activity can also become a fun game for the whole family. Make a giant hopscotch, a color-finding puzzle, a candy land board, or draw pictures on your driveway. It’s both creative, and chalk can easily wash off these spaces.


Build A Fort

Collaborate with the kids to build a fort indoors. Fort building might involve tons of pillows and blankets, but you can always use your imagination. Let the kids take the lead and encourage them to use their imagination! Use sofa cushions, mats, and blankets, let their imagination run wild. The kids would appreciate your assistance. It’s the perfect time to teach them how to make a fort. The activity is an excellent time for kids to create their own space. 

After you build a fort, you can check out a list of activities you can do in the fort. There are various things you can do after the whole family makes a fort. The fort could also double as your new reading den. You can add pillows and blankets to the fort floor, and you can snuggle up and read books together.

Indoor Camping

Set up the sleeping tent in the living room and have a sleepover in it. Roast marshmallows and whisper camp tales in front of your fireplace or the kitchen if you don’t have a fireplace. Children will enjoy sleeping in sleeping bags with their whole families around them.

If you don’t have a bed, make a fort for the kids. It’s an excellent activity for the young ones while the adults catch up and supervise. Let the kids enjoy a night of fort building also to ensure they get tired enough to sleep.

Movie Marathon

Hang in and watch a relaxing movie. Host movie night and let the child choose a movie to avoid conflicts and disagreements. You can also spread things out over a few days or schedule a movie night once a week. After a long week, Friday nights are still an excellent time to unwind and watch a movie.

Make movie night more entertaining by dressing up as a movie character or creating a snack to match the movie theme. You can also make a fort to host a movie night. Let’s face it. A fort-building activity can serve as a way for children to release all that energy! It just goes to show that you’ll need to keep a fort building kit at home!

With our list of fun bonding activities at home, you’ll be encouraged to spend more time with your family. You’ll be ready to sit at home and build new family traditions and memories.

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