Hidden Gem of Iloilo’s Northern Area: Island of Antonia

Hidden Gem of Iloilo’s Northern Area: Island of Antonia

Northern Iloilo is basically the home of islands and beaches of the province. Antonia Island is one of those hidden gems Iloilo can offer tourists. It is located at Isla de Gigantes, Carles, and part of the fifth district of Iloilo.


Visitors are rewarded with a scenic view of the clear blue water and stunning white sand just a perfect place to unwind. Fresh sea foods such as crabs, squids, scallops, and oysters are served and prepared by the inhabitants at the front beach of the island. These sea foods are usually gathered nearby the island. So if you’re a sea food lover, you’ll surely embrace this island.

Activities To Do

  1. Antonia Island doesn’t just showcase white powdered-sand but also a haven of coral reefs that serves as the habitat of some marine animals. Residents of the island want to preserve the aquatic culture they have.
  2. If you want some fun, you can do beach volleyball. There’s a sari-sari store that allows you to rent volleyball for Php 50.00. It will be more fun to play with you travel buddies.
  3. There’s a cave the island offers for you to explore. Before you enter the cave, you must climb a steep ladder-like stairs. At the end of the cave, you’ll see a ‘ the sky meets the sea’ view from the other side of the island. For more exciting adventure, you have an option to cliff dive as you exit the cave or walk back the entrance. Cliff diving is recommendable only if the water is high.
  4. Front beach landscape of the island is suitable for camping. Tents can be rented at the area which is good for 5 to 6 people. Isn’t it wonderful to just sit down in your tent and watch the spectacular view of the sea? And with the person you love? It’s the best feeling, I guess!


Unique feature of the island is that both the sunset and sunrise can be viewed at the front beach. Visiting this island won’t be a waste of time.Here’s a where-to-go list of Islands and beaches for you next beach getaway!

A beach escapade won’t just fulfill your eyes with scenic views but also your heart with the experiences you had.

Featured Image Source: Biyaherongbarat.com

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