Island of Marbuena – Glimpse of Island Bliss

Island of Marbuena – Glimpse of Island Bliss

Iloilo is famous with its white sand beaches and ideal resorts. Ajuy, part of the northern part of the province, showcases its natural wonder – Marbuena Island. It features an authentic sandbar spanning about 100 meters away from the main shore and changing its shape depending on the wind direction. The sandbar appears typically during low tides.


Nature-oriented type of island, Marbuena offers you a forest area or a nature trail that surrounds the entire island with a panoramic view the sea. The nature trail of the island serves a mini wildlife and a preserved ecosystem or natural habitat of small animals like migratory birds and fruit bats. The island also provides another interesting natural attraction is its series mangrove species which supports the biodiversity of the waters.


What To Do

Visitors can go snorkeling around the shallow shore and explore marine life of the island. Also, if tourists are more of nature lovers, they can walk around the mini forest in the island. The beach shore is perfect for those who just want sunbathing. Marbuena also offers clean crystal clear water for those who wanted to go swimming.

How To Get There

You can take a Estancia/Concepcion bus ride from Ceres Terminal and drop off at Brgy. Mangorocoro, Ajuy. From the central barangay, take a short tricycle ride to community port of the barangay, where a pump boat can pick you up and transport you the island.

If you want to stay overnight, Marbuena Island Resort can cater you. They have affordable vintage-themed cottages and also floating cottages near the shallow area of the island.

Iloilo still has many island gems to be discovered and explored.

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