Koozkaf – Brewing Coffee and Comfort 24/7

Koozkaf – Brewing Coffee and Comfort 24/7

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Koozkaf – Brewing Coffee and Comfort 24/7





The ambiance was great! It is a haven for nocturnal students who can't study at home.


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Here’s another coffee destination insight, brewing comfort at Zone 5, VMPC Building, MacArthur Drive, Alta Tierra Village, Brgy. Quintin Salas, Jaro, Iloilo – Koozkaf Café. The story behind Koozkaf Café was it was supposed to be “Cuzcaf” short term for cousins but, it was changed to Koozcaf because one of their customers, noticed and pointed out it was a KozyCafe due to the place’s cozy ambiance. Koozkaf is more than just a cup of coffee and a cozy atmosphere. Resembles a piece of art, Koozkaf showcases the uniqueness, passion, and personality of its owners.


The café receives numerous positive reviews on their social media accounts. Their foods and drinks are simply recognized because it’s affordable yet taste, nonetheless. Staff and crew services are approachable and they accommodate each customer well. Students have been recommending Koozcaf as a place to study, finish paper works and other school stuff because they’re can cater you 24/7! It is actually an ideal place for coffee enthusiasts students who like to spend most of their study time at a café. They provide a fast internet connection as well!


Koozkaf supports an advocacy project – “The Potato Project”. It is a fundraising campaign for one of their friends, who used to provide aid around the café, sadly, now fighting leukemia. They also aim to raise cancer awareness for everyone. Moreover, they also target to make a transition of going eco-friendly by using eco-friendly supplies and materials in the café.


For more information about Koozkaf, you can check their facebook page, https://web.facebook.com/Koozkaf/

Passion-driven café serving passionate coffee enthusiasts! Discover more of Iloilo’s coffee destinations with Iloilo blog!

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