An Aspiring Ilonggo Visual Artist : Kristoffer George Brasileño

An Aspiring Ilonggo Visual Artist : Kristoffer George Brasileño

With the art liberation that Iloilo is experiencing right now, artists are braver in expressing their uniqueness. Most are showcasing their works more in public through exhibits in art galleries, malls, museums, cafes, or even in the streets. Yes! In the streets of Iloilo city.

Atria, Iloilo Mural
Central Philippine University Mural (1)
ARTIVISM 2.0 Sta. Filomena and the Sea

(c) Kristoffer George Brasileño

Iloilo City is not only known for its great architectural structures but also for its great history in Fine Arts which was recorded as far back as 1212. Even though Ilonggo artist’s weren’t given proper education in Fine Arts back then, it did not serve as a hindrance for them in creating artworks that would soon give a huge contribution to the city’s historical aspect and would unknowingly inspire its future artists.

Though local artists are actively filling walls of establishments with mural paintings, street art in the city is still in its formative stage. Artists of this generation still continue to strive, each-goal driven and each with his and her own aspirations.
One of the most promising Ilonggo artists is Kristoffer George Brasileño, who has been active in the local arts community ever since he was still a student. He was a graduate of University of San Agustine with a Degree in Fine Arts. His distinct personal style and skills lead his way to various events that showcased his artworks.

kristoffer george brasileno

He was the former president of Iloilo Visual Artists Collective and is now teaching a four-year-degree course, Digital Media and Interactive Arts, at Central Philippine University. It was also in this year 2018 when he collaborated with the school together with its student organizations in executing the “Pinta Pader”, a mural painting on a concrete wall near CPU gate 7.

central philippine university mural (2)

Central Philippine university

He loved painting ever since he was a child, and since then, he dreamt about becoming a painter. Not only an artist who draws but one who would inspire the world. Climbing his way to the top wasn’t as easy as opening a bottle with a bottle opener. It wasn’t given to him in a silver platter either. For one who wants to make his dreams come true, Brasileno takes his career seriously. Aside from being a traditional artist, he also teaches Visual Animation at CPU, which opened him another path in 3D Animation. He is very well respected not only as an artist but also as a mentor. He is as passionate as he is patient when it comes to teaching.

Most of his paintings and drawings are inspired by the Filipinos and their culture.

Kristoffer George Brasileno (2)Kristoffer George Brasileno

His journey as an artist was not easy though. He first graduated as a nurse. But maybe, that field wasn’t really for him. So, for another four years, he dedicated himself again in studying another course. But this time, he chose the one which favored both his heart and mind. He studied Fine Arts, graduated, and years later, became one of the most sought artists in Iloilo City. It wasn’t as easy as pursuing any type of career nowadays. But still, he made it!

Kristoffer Brasileno

During our interview with him, he told us, “My advocacy as an artist…is to make more artist out of ordinary people.”
His love for his artistry made him one of the respectable instructors in the Arts Industry. He is indeed an inspiration to every Ilonggo artists.

Photo courtesy of Kristoffer George Brasileño, Rhick Lars Vladimer Albay, CPU Republic, Kurit team

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