Lars’ Fruity Twist to Iloilo’s Signature Dishes

Lars’ Fruity Twist to Iloilo’s Signature Dishes

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Lars’ Fruity Twist to Iloilo’s Signature Dishes





Lars' coconut infused dishes has been one of the Ilonggo's pride as it showcases local dishes with there own twists added into it.



Would you believe that Iloilo’s La Paz Batchoy and Pancit Molo can have a fruity twist? It is made possible by Lars’ Restaurant at Mandurriao, Iloilo City.

A lot of Filipino food uses coconut as an ingredient but usually, it is used in desserts like salads, sorbate. Here in Iloilo, they’ve found out other ways to use coconut as they infuse it in Batchoy and Pancit Molo. It is in 2016 that the Lar’s opened to the public and since then it has been the home of the best Buko Batchoy.

Buko Batchoy. The usual ingredients are placed inside the freshly opened and drained coconut with coconut meat strips. The pork is seasoned pork broth with a balanced amount of coconut juice is then added to the ingredients.  The taste is a bit sweeter than the original batchoy because of the coconut juice added on it. It is best paired with Puto Manapla 


Buko Pancit Molo.  According Lar’s the reason why they’ve added the Buko Pancit Molo in their menu is that they want to showcase more Ilonggo dishes with their own twist in it as well as add variety to their menu. The process of making the Buko Pancit Molo is the same as with the original Pancit Molo it is just that they’ve added coconut juice to the broth and slices of coconut meat and cabbage on it. It is as well served in a freshly opened and drained coconut.


A twist sometimes can make it a hit.

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