Iloilo City Coronavirus Recovery: LGUs in Iloilo Are One of the First 

Iloilo City Coronavirus Recovery: LGUs in Iloilo Are One of the First 

Iloilo City did all it could to prepare for COVID-19. And now, the city is praised because local government units in the city are one of the first to take steps to recovery. Let’s talk about this Iloilo City coronavirus recovery.

This city had done considerably well all throughout enhanced community quarantine. And the best part is that everyone helped out plenty to stave the spread of the virus.

Iloilo City Coronavirus Recovery

This city just might be one of the first LGUs in the country that could dream of Iloilo City coronavirus recovery. Mayor Jerry Trenas said so on Monday.

During his regular press conference, Trenas mentions that in recovering and as more economic activities are opening, the public will have confidence in the city’s testing capacity. That if they get stuck, there are hospitals, intensive care units, and isolation rooms that can take care of them.

Trenas also says the machine for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is already available and the city government is simply waiting for the library.

“I think we have established all of that. So, for me, we will be among the first to recover, if not the first. Aside from the laboratory, we have sufficient hospital rooms and ICU (intensive care unit) facilities.”

~ Mayor Jerry Trenas

Iloilo City’s two respirator units, through a usufruct, will be used by the Western Visayas Medical Center (WVMC) and the West Visayas State University Medical Center. Lots of private hospitals will also have their own testing capacities.

Aligning All Activities

Trenas also said that he’s coordinating with governors across Western Visayas, as he wants all activities to be aligned. Fast crafts traveling the Iloilo-Bacolod route already commenced on June 20. The city mayor also mentioned the commencement of flights at the Iloilo International  Airport.

Meanwhile, the Iloilo City government on Monday had their first flag raised at Plaza Libertad ever since the lockdown was implemented. And according to the Human Resource and Management Office, around 40%-50% of the city hall employees attended the ceremony.

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