Bamboo Capital of Iloilo: Maasin

Bamboo Capital of Iloilo: Maasin

Situated at Iloilo’s district 3 and approximately 30 km away from the city – Maasin, Iloilo, which is a home to several inland resorts and mountainous views. Maasin’s location gives proximity to tourists because Cabatuan Airport is just its neighboring municipality. And because of the inland resorts around Maasin, guest and local visitors would have a perfect stay with nature vibe.

Aside from tourists’ amenities, Maasin also contributes to Iloilo’s economic status. Iloilo is proud and loud to have Maasin as the Bamboo Capital of the province. Also, the municipality has been eyeing to be the Bamboo Capital of the Philippines. Maasin is blessed not only with scenic sceneries but also plantation of bamboos all around the area.


Bamboo Uses

Bamboos have been part of the citizens’ everyday life in Maasin. Apart from household and industrial use of bamboos, bamboo experts of Iloilo proposed it to be used in preparing food. Bamboo leaves are best in treating spastic disorders and bleeding conditions as well as diarrhea and stomach pain and disorders.


Moreover, bamboo charcoal is becoming as one of Maasin major products. When lit up, charcoal bamboos are smokeless and odorless, unlike other charcoals. Also, it works as a natural fertilizer and pesticide to protect your garden or plantation. Bamboo charcoal provides a lot more of benefits both for the provider and the consumer! Today, Maasin provides different bamboo products such as kaing (basket made-up of bamboo strips), toothpicks, home furniture and many more.


There’s more to Maasin than just mountains and inland resorts! Explore and discover more about Iloilo’s ecotourism with Iloilo blog.

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