Madge Café: Grab a Cup of Ilonggo Coffee

Madge Café: Grab a Cup of Ilonggo Coffee

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Madge Café: Grab a Cup of Ilonggo Coffee





Madge Cafe is great for hangout in any time of the day.


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Among the stores and stalls of Lapaz Public Market there stood a Café that serves Ilonggo coffee in a traditional way.

The Madge Café overcomes the change that modernization of the society as it still practices the traditional way of brewing since 1951. They brew the coffee using a kettle and “kolador”. The coffee base is very simple as it is only composed of hot water and coffee powder. It also showcases Ilonggo products through the coffee beans they are using which are locally produced. Aside from the coffee, they also serve other beverages and short-orders which are budget friendly.Madge

The place is popular among the locals and tourist for it is perfect for both business meeting and casual get-together. It is also often visited by known businessmen and politicians of the city. They even display on their walls the significant events that the café has witnessed over the years.


The unique thing about the Madge Ccafé is that they create personalized cups for their regular patrons.  The cup has the name of the regular guest imprinted on it, the owner of the café explained that the personalized cup also serves a good purpose with personal health of the guest.


The main branch at the Lapaz Public Market promotes camaraderie for it doesn’t offer a Wi-Fi connection which leads to guests in interacting more to each other, however, if you choose to do your research work and be at a more modern type of environment you could choose to visit their branch at Atria Shopping Center.

Start your day in Iloilo with a cup of an Ilonggo coffee. . .

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