Antique’s Hidden Gem – Malumpati Cold Spring

Antique’s Hidden Gem – Malumpati Cold Spring

In the northern part of Antique, hiding within the forest, lies a hidden gem – Malumpati Cold Spring. It is the “cleanest inland body of water” in the country. Because of its crystal clear water that mirror’s the beauty of its beholder. Malumpati is one the most beautiful attraction the province of Antique can provide.

Malumpati River
Image Credit: Ace Salcedo on Facebook

A heaven made beauty, its crystal clear turquoise blue water captivates and invites anyone to take a dip and feel its fresh, cold river water. Malumpati is a hushed, laid-back place where you can relax by floating peacefully along the river and feel the stress melt away. It is a natural swimming pool 20 meters in width, 40 meters in length and about 3 to 4 meters deep at the center, crystal-clear water and free-flowing from upstream towards the shallow end, going down the famous Bugang River.

A rainy day in Malumpati
Photo Credit: Malumpati Health Spring Resort

Why is it called Malumpati?

According to the locals, Malumpati garnered its name from the phrase “malumpat ang ati” which translates to “aetas will jump”. Wherein Ati’s or aeta’s are indigenous people of Panay Island because is believed that they used the river to take a bath and jump in its crystal clear turquoise blue water, thus the name. In addition, local folks, especially the elders also believe that the spring has healing properties. With its heaven like eye pleasing water that looks like it came from heaven, you can’t blame them. Healing or not, dipping in the cold water has a relaxing effect on the body.

People enjoying Malumpati
Image Credit: Rorette Salazar

Malumpati’s captivating crystal clear turquoise blue water is an ideal place to beat the summer heat. Furthermore it also provides a peaceful escape from the busy and stressful city life. If you happen to visit Antique, don’t leave without stopping by Malumpati cold spring. It is a hidden treasure that everyone should experience themselves.

Things to do in Malumpati
Image Credit: Katahum Tours

Rates, Accomodities and other things to do

Upon arrival you have to pay a one time entrance fee before entering the Resort.

Adults (Residents): ₱20
Adults (Non-residents): ₱40
Seniors (Residents): ₱15
Seniors (Non-residents): ₱30
PWD (Residents): ₱15
PWD (Non-residents): ₱30
Minors (4 ft. & below): ₱10

Making a splash in the river of Malumpati is the main attraction but there are also other things you can indulge yourself that will make your stay more memorable. Such as Water tubing through Bugang river with a guide for ₱200, Trekking out in the forest with guide for ₱150/5 people. You can also test your fear of heights with Rappelling and Wall climbing both for ₱50 or feed the adrenaline junkie within you by Zip-lining for ₱200.

Cottages in Malumpati
Image Credits: ASANADSADniJames

If you want to have a picnic, there are cottages available for rent. Outside food are allowed. There are stores that sell food but at a reasonable high price, therefore is advisable to bring your own food. The prices of the cottages for day use range from ₱200-P500 depending on the size.

How to get there

But before you have a time of your life and dip your toes in the cold spring, hence must first get there. From Iloilo, ride a van or bus in Molo terminal bound for Northern Antique for about ₱100- ₱150 per person or you can rent a van with your buddies and laugh with your friends all the way. If you don’t know where to get off, Tell the driver to drop you off in the town proper of Pandan. Afterwards rent a tricycle or a motorbike to reach the cold spring.

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Featured Image Credits to Katahum Tours

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