Pristine Islet of Western Visayas – Mararison Island

Pristine Islet of Western Visayas – Mararison Island

It was 2 years ago when I first visited the popular unspoiled island of the rising Antique – Mararison Island. Situated specifically at Culasi, Antique, Mararison is a 55-hectare hook-shaped island. It is just a little island; you can actually wander around the entire island in a day only.

I might have visited the island years ago, but even today, Mararison still continues to sparkle and attract numerous tourists every summer and even on holidays or long weekends. The island is one of Antique’s gems that must be explored because there are a lot of things that will take your interest.

Things To Do in Mararison


  1.    Trekking

Well, Mararison was the first island I trek at. At first, I was enjoying everything because of the jaw-dropping sceneries from a high place. But, when we reached the top, my knees are already trembling. There nothing I can hang and handle on, there are no trees and just prairie. Even though I’m already uneasy at the top, I still got a chance to capture those God-made picturesque wonders. My eyes are fulfilled with an utmost setting bliss! Wherever you look, you see nothing but real natural beauty, from warm bluish water to grassland splendor.


  1.    Swimming

Mararison’s clear waters are remarkable to me! You can actually see underwater corals and even marine life with the pure waters. You can surely enjoy swimming under the rays of the bright sun.


  1.    Cave Discovery

After our trekking adventure, we are supposed to explore Mararison’s mini cave but it seems so dark inside and we are all girls with coward personalities so we did not continue anymore. But, for brave souls, you can go spelunking! Discover what is inside their mini cave!

  1.    Marine Ventures

Because Mararison is an unspoiled island, the island is rich with marine life. You can try snorkeling, fishing and also island boating. Have a little get together with those sea creatures under the crystal-blue waters.

Everything is still fresh to me, my first Mararison experience! As an Akeanon, I still hear a lot of positive criticisms about the island and how it provides beach delight to tourists and locals. Sometimes, we all need a beach escape, to find peace and relaxation from within.

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Featured Image Source: Janine Angela N. Francisco

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