MaTok: “Mata” and “Utok” (Eyes and Brain)

MaTok: “Mata” and “Utok” (Eyes and Brain)

The dish is named after the main ingredients which the cows are “mata” (eyes) and “utok” (brain). Matok is an Ilonggo original exotic soup.


  • Cow’s head, innards, and bones
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Annatto oil
  • Sliced Spring Onions

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  1. Clean the cow’s head, innards, and meat
  2. Boil the cow’s head, innards, and meat.
  3. Season with Annatto oil, salt, and pepper
  4. Wait till the meat of the cow’s head becomes tender.
  5. If the meat is already tender, take out the cow’s head, break the skull separate the brains and the eyes.
  6. Slice the brain, eyes, and meat. Set aside separately.
  7. To serve, place equal portions of the cow’s brain, eyes, and meat in a bowl.
  8. Add soup and garnish with spring onions.

Try this exotic soup, “MaTok”, that is “patok na patok” (popular).

Featured Image Source: Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho

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