Must Visit: Iloilo Blog’s Long List of Milk Tea Places in Iloilo

Must Visit: Iloilo Blog’s Long List of Milk Tea Places in Iloilo

If you’ve been in the same room with your friends for more than a couple of minutes before, then you know that everybody’s immediate go-to hang-out are milk tea places in Iloilo.

Well, maybe not for everybody… But you have to admit that when you go to one of these milk tea places in Iloilo, you’re all about ordering that bubble tea with tapioca pearls and a side of your favorite snacks (fish and fries, I’m looking at you).

Over the past few years, milk tea places in Iloilo have become a grandiose favorite. Stalls just keep cropping up everywhere. From full-on stores in malls, cafes close to universities, stalls in the middle of shopping, and even a lugh-around cart that delivers budget-friendly bubble teas.

No doubt, you’ve been to one or two of these places before. And if you haven’t, then here’s another list of milk tea places in Iloilo to visit and try.

You’re welcome!

#1 ShareTea

Image Credit: Directory | SM Supermalls

ShareTea has been around Iloilo for quite a while now. And is it too far-fetched to say that it’s one of the reasons why milk tea places in Iloilo are so popular?

Ever present in school festivals, various malls, and solo stores alike, they keep adding more and more branches.

#2 Gong Cha

Image Credit: Her World

Gong Cha is one of the newer additions to the milk tea places in Iloilo party. As of now, Gong Cha has a couple of branches scattered across Iloilo City.

There’s one in Festive Mall and one in SM City… And for all you Korean fans, you get Park Seo Joon as the official ambassador.

Are the fan girls coming in droves yet?

#3 Infinitea

Image Credit: Fab

Infinitea is a local brand in the milk tea industry. Also, it’s definitely a must-visit among other milk tea places in Iloilo.

Infinitea gained its lovely reputation from offering a great variety of drinks aside from milk tea. They have frappes too!

#4 Chatime

Image Credit: Booky

Chatime is one of the freshly opened stalls in the middle of Festive Mall. You can find them on the ground floor directly in front of the Festive Market. It’s hard to miss when you walk in from the designated entrance too.

But aside from milk tea, Chatime also sells coffee, chocolate, fruit teas, etc.

#5 Ho Cha

Image Credit: Journey Freaks

You can find Ho Cha at Amigo Mall, right along Iznart Street in Iloilo City. Right beside Pan de Manila and the entrance to the hotel. They serve authentic Taiwanese bubble teas.

Much like the other milk tea places in Iloilo, they serve fresh tea in addition to milk tea, layered milk tea, and galaxy drinks.

#6 Alfresco Tea Hive

Image Credit: Gramha

Alfresco Tea Hive is located close to schools and universities in the middle of Iloilo City. Popular as a dating, study, and hang-out nook for many teenagers and young adults, the air in here speaks of comfort.

But aside from that, they serve really good and freshly brewed drinks, like your favorite milk tea and other snacks.

#7 Serenitea

Image Credit: Booky

Serenitea is in Iloilo Business Park. For those who don’t get it. It’s in Megaworld, right across the The Courtyard by Marriot. It’s a good place to hang out, chill, and do whatever you want to do.

I can honestly say it’s one of the best milk tea places in Iloilo. They serve your favorite bubble tea, of course. But there’s also Matcha drinks, handcrafted teas, yakult drinks, fruit teas, and ice cream drinks. The snacks are great too.


Image Credit: MLKT Iloilo

And since everything is on mobile devices nowadays, why won’t milk tea places on Iloilo be not mobile? As you’ve already guessed, MLKT is a mobile milk tea store — reminiscent of how favorite street food is brought from one place to another.

They come to you. And MLKT is not as difficult to catch as you think. You can find them via tracking posts on their official Facebook page.

#9 Toni’s Bubble Tea Shop

Image Credit: Toni’s Bubble Tea Shop

Toni’s Bubble Tea Shop is close to the entrance of Smallville Complex in Iloilo. They’re fairly new too, and they serve great teas alongside your favorite pica pica snacks. We’re talking fries, burgers, nachos, etc.

#10 Macao Imperial Tea

Image Credit: Cosmo

It looks like Festive Mall is the place to be when it comes to milk tea places in Iloilo. Found at the second floor of the mall’s veranda, and fairly new, Macao Imperial Tea instantly became the cafe to be in for people who crave bubble teas.

There’s milk tea, espresso, soda, and a whole lot more. Some may say it’s a bit on the pricey side, and to be fair, it kind of is. But the taste justifies the surprise. So no complaints here.

Ready to try out these milk tea places in Iloilo?

Each of these milk tea places in Iloilo serve one or two of the same things. But each one is unique in their own way — in the snacks they serve and the milk teas they prepare.

Try them all and you’ll find they have different and characteristic flavors.

And if you’re looking for more places to eat and what to eat and have fun, just keep browsing through Iloilo Blog.

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