5 Milk Tea Shops On Food Apps Available in Iloilo City 

5 Milk Tea Shops On Food Apps Available in Iloilo City 

Quarantine is over for a while now, and even if the city is slowly but surely returning to normal, everyone’s still inclined to stay indoors. If you’re thirsty, what do you do? Call a place and order? No, not really… Here are 5 milk tea shops on food apps available in the city.

Food apps are all the rage in Iloilo City. And thanks to the humidity and the heat encroaching over our city, nothing quenches people’s thirst for tasty drinks like these 5 milk tea shops featured on all the popular food apps.

Milk Tea Shops on Food Apps to Try

Milk tea shops and restaurants have cropped up all over the City. Everyone wants them classic tea with the tapioca pearls. Or better yet, heard of cream cheese on milk tea? Because it’s a must.

If you’re too worried about leaving home or the indoors to satisfy some milk tea cravings, then you can thank the wonderful world of technology for giving you a way to access your favorite restaurants and get your food for free.

If you haven’t tried these yet, check out our 5 picks for milk tea shops on food apps available in Iloilo City.

#1 PreTea

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On the off-chance that you want to head over to PreTea to get your own tea, you can find them in Jalandoni Street in Iloilo City Proper. 

PreTea is impressive with their different sizes of fries. From solo to mega to barkada size. They serve brewed tea, fruit tea, a Yakult mix, and of course, classical milk tea —  like their signature PreTea bubble milk tea. All our available on Food Panda.

#2 Dakasi

Image Credit: Zomato

Dakasi Milk Tea is in Iznart Street, and although they were controversial, they have since flipped around for the good and have reopened to the public with a bang!

Their menu in Food Panda features a blended series (like blueberry yoghurt), and some specialty drinks with unique flavors like charcoal roasted milk tea and chocolate pudding cereal drink. They also have special milk tea (like roasted Okinawa milk tea), iced tea, a creme series, fruity yogurt drinks, and some hot specialty drinks.

For food, they’ve got grilled cheese quesadillas. It can’t get any better than that.

#3 Insteagramholic

Image Credit: Zip Code 5000

If you want milk tea at reasonable prices, Insteagramholic is perfect. Of course, they’re on Food Panda. Their menu includes classic milk teas, fruit teas, coffee, and an oreo series. 

They’ve also got their own signature insteagramholic mix, just like the InsTEAgramaholic cream cheese, Harry Potter’s butter beer, blueberry creme velvet hamaru special, and even some graham cake milk tea. Try the ube cheese milk tea for a real Pinoy twist.

#4 Addictea

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You can find Addictea in North Fundidor, Molo. And just like other milk tea shops on food apps in Iloilo City, of course Addictea has a milk tea series.

But aside from the classic ones, there’s also a rock salt and cheese series, a solid cheesecake series, an Oreo series, and of course, a fresh milk series. They also gladly deliver siomai (pork and shrimp), and even bacon-wrapped siomai.

#5 The Whale Tea

The Whale Tea
Image Credit: Zip Code 5000

The Whale Tea is one of the most unique milk tea shops on food apps in Iloilo City. Their creations are all their own, and they’re highly unique.

They have a signature Glazed Whale Series that features glazed tea. There’s also the glass crystal series that has drinks like milk blue crystals, coconut milk blue, and milk powder crystal.

Their traditional milk tea series features flavors like cake Ming milk tea, three sisters of Boba, pudding Yuzhi tea, and cake Ming milk tea.

Included in their menu is also a Lluli fruit tea series. From full cups of passion fruit, pineapple spring, and even fruit full of red grapefruit. 

There’s also peach gum volcanic whale series, peach gum glazed tea series, and a cheese milk cover series. All three feature unique flavors that make The Whale Tea so unique.

Do You Want to Drink and Eat at the Same Time?

It’s convenient, so yes, of course!

If you still want to know where to eat within Iloilo City, keep browsing through Iloilo Blog for the best ideas and recommendations.

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