Are You Ready for the Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2019 Pre-pageant Night?

Are You Ready for the Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2019 Pre-pageant Night?

The festival of Dinagyang is a much-celebrated event in Iloilo City, drawing crowds from all over the Philippines and tourists the world over. The main event, the Ati-ati Dance Competition, is the most well-known, but yet another event that is much awaited is the Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2019 Pre-pageant Night.

The Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2019 Pre-pageant Night Competition

Fourteen young women from the province of Iloilo vie for the coveted Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2019 crown and its seven titles:

  • Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2019 Carnival Queen
  • Miss Culture
  • Miss Industries
  • Miss Travel
  • Miss Environment
  • First Princess
  • Second Princess

Those are quite the titles to vie for. And there’s no mistaking it when we say the competition is fierce. During the official launch back in the last month of 2018, Mayor Jose Espinosa III had this to say:

“With much expectation, Dinagyang 2019 will be more colorful, more joyful celebration in giving glory to Sto. Niño. The festival is something we can be proud of, not only in the city, but in the whole country. This is an occasion which can attest the Ilongga’s beauty, talent and intelligence.”

These Ilonggo beauties were first presented to the public during the official launch last December 2, 2018, at SM City.

Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2019 Beauties

The large-scale event is a tradition long-held and rooted deep into the Dinagyang celebration. Each year’s candidates sport equally beautiful and intelligent young women, dazzling the crowd and inspiring millions of girls in the City.

This year’s candidates for the Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2019 include:

  • Claire Therese Porras — Iloilo City
  • Elaine Segura — Guimbal
  • Claudette Del Castillo — Passi City
  • Shane Pia — La Paz West
  • Sueko Kinjho — Jaro West
  • Beatrice Nicole Arabia — Mandurriao South
  • Sharon Idone — Arevalo
  • Maria Mikhaella Incensario — Miag-ao
  • Berylane Joy Barredo — Molo
  • Maria Cielito Corazon Abendon — La Paz Central
  • Janeen Dale Geroso — Jaro North
  • Charlotte Mananquil — Zarraga
  • Vina Marie Peña — Oton
  • Angelic Olmedo — Leganes.

Join the Festivities and the Fun!

Prepare to be dazzled and enthralled as these beauties take the center stage, flaunting glorious beauty, genuine character, and impeccable smarts.

Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2019 Pre-Pageant Night is happening this Saturday, January 19, 2019. From 6PM to 8PM at the Festive Walk Mall Fountain Area. Crowd around your favorite candidates and cheer for them until your heart’s content.

And no, you wouldn’t want to miss this prelude to the grand Dinagyang event set to happen in two weeks’ time… Stay tuned to Iloilo Blog for more events to go to and places to visit.

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