Monjo’s Pizza Gourmet: “An Amazing Pizza Experience.”

Monjo’s Pizza Gourmet: “An Amazing Pizza Experience.”

Overall Impression

Monjo’s Pizza Gourmet: “An Amazing Pizza Experience.”





Monjo’s isn’t just for pizza but for a whole gourmet experience.



It wasn’t my first time at Kalibo but it was my first to Monjo’s Pizza Gourmet. Having visited Kalibo for a lot of times already, I have this thing to trying local restaurants as to see what they can offer given that most of those that I have visited delivered great food and service and Monjo’s didn’t fail me to once be amazed again. IMG 9436

Monjo’s Pizza is served fresh from the oven and is generously topped with fresh vegetables and meat toppings, I do also appreciate that they have used fresh and not canned pineapples in one of the flavors I have tasted. The nice thing about ordering a 20 or 30 slices pizza size is that you can have multiple flavors in it and the price is not based on the highest price instead it is divided depending on the portion of each flavor. IMG 9445

Aside from its well-known pizza, Monjo’s also serves dishes that will satisfy your cravings and hunger. When I had visited there, I opt to have a bite of their classic mac n cheese and a sip of their immune system booster carrot-cucumber shake. Other menu items include appetizers, soups, specialty pasta, salads, rolled pizzas, and house specials.

IMG 9444

Monjo’s will not just serve you with good food but they will also bring you into a cozy environment with its lighting and wall decors. The service is great as well since the foods are being served after a short time of waiting. I would also like to commend the staff for wearing smiles while serving their clients.

Monjo’s will surely serve you with pizzas that are worth coming back for.

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