Iloilo’s Steepest Mountain to Trek: Mt. Manaphag

Iloilo’s Steepest Mountain to Trek: Mt. Manaphag

Seven miles north of Concepcion Iloilo is an enchantingly tall and steep mountain, Mt. Manaphag, popularly known as Mt. Pan de Azucar. The mountain sits at Pan de Azucar Island which occupies 19% of Concepcion’s total area. It is where most of Tampisaw’s, municipality’s earth day celebration, activities occur.


Mt. Manaphag is considered as one of the steepest mountains in the Philippines standing 573-foot land mass. Even though it possesses a great challenge, it is still visited by most mountaineers. Early 2000, there are just light traces of trails going up the mountain which made it really difficult for hikers to trek and reach the peak. Ponting trail was the first path established. This trek path commences from the beach of Brgy. Ponting which is east of the island and it would take 2-3 days to finish the trek. Around 2013, a mountaineer has passed through Brgy. Tambaliza and experienced a 90-degree cliff trail with only roots and grasses to cling on. Today, there is still no specific trail to trek on at Mt. Manaphag.MtManaphag


According to legend, a giant named “Toya” used to reside the mountain of Manaphag. Toya takes a bath in a lagoon on the summit, using for a scoop of the shell of a giant clam. Yet, mountain climbers who have journeyed up Mt. Manaphag have not seen any traces of a lagoon. Based on their observations, the mountain’s peak is very narrow to be able to sustain a lagoon of a size. Also, according to my closest friend who lives in Concepcion, it is believed that Mt. Manaphag is an inactive volcano. My friend also said, “Tawag na namon kulob nga bulkan.”, what he meant was, “We call it an inverted volcano.”

How to Get There

From Iloilo Ceres Terminal, take a 3-hr bus ride going to Concepcion mainland. From the town proper, hire a pump boat going to Pan de Acuzar Island.

It will be a tough trek but anticipate a prominent view of paradise from Mt. Manaphag’s peak! Iloilo might be your next trekking destination – with Iloilo blog, you can have a where-to-go list and specifically, mountain adventures!

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