Mt. Napulak: Igbaras’ Highest Peak

Mt. Napulak: Igbaras’ Highest Peak

Mt. Napulak – considered being the highest peak of Igbaras, Iloilo. It is located at Brgy. Tigbanaba and is approximately 3,963ft above sea level. Interesting feature of this mountain is that it forms like a woman’s breast where a massive rock formation is placed on top of it. When you get to the peak, you would absolutely appreciate God’s precious creation because of jaw-dropping beauty of the Iloilo province’s view.


Even though there are water sources along the way, it is still recommendable to bring extra water containers. It is a long trek and you must stay hydrated. On your way up, you would probably be amazed with the sceneries the mountain has to offer. Also, the area blooms an exotic flower named- Rafflesia Speciosa, it is a medium-sized type of Rafflesia. It is considered to be a prevalent type of flower in mountain parts of Panay.


How To Get There

From Iloilo city, you can take a ride from Iloilo Super Terminal to Igbaras proper. Then, you must log in and register your names to the Igbaras Police Station for identification purposes. After registering, they would secure you a “habal-habal” as a means of transportation to Brgy. Bagay. It would take at least 20 mins of travel time to arrive at the barangay. You will encounter the farmlands of Brgy. Bagay before you meet the starting point of your Mt. Napulak trek. You will then pass forested areas, water sources, and grasslands to finally reach the peak of the mountain.

The greatest views come after the hardest climb. Adventure awaits at Igbaras, Iloilo! Iloilo’s south has a lot more mountains waiting for your hike!

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