Online Tutoring for Kids: 10 Advantages You Should Know

Online Tutoring for Kids: 10 Advantages You Should Know

Thanks to the development of the internet, and the constant growth of the online community, online tutoring has increased in popularity. From helping with homework, to supplementing classroom learning, and even to providing reading instruction.

Most of these services are effective at connecting your child with a real person at any time of the day or night.

In online tutoring, there’s instant messaging, shared whiteboards, and other tools to engage your child. Having information presented to them — even in an online format — is very helpful for kids who learn and think differently.

Some online tutoring services charge per month, some charge at an hourly rate. Depending on your budget, you might want to opt for one above the other. Obviously, your child won’t be using them forever, but a short stint of effective online tutoring could help kids understand important key concepts they need to master a particular subject or understand difficult material.

10 Pros of Online Tutoring

Availing of online tutoring services have never been so easy, thanks to technology’s rapid advancement. In addition to supplementing useful information learned in school, they also create new opportunities to learn.

Here are some of the best pros (10 of them) of online tutoring:

1. Getting rid of travel time for teacher and student. Rush hour commuting from one place to the next is horrible! Aside from the pollution and the stress it can cause some people, there’s also the transportation costs. Online tutoring at home effectively eliminates that. Teacher and student save more time too. Plus, it’s also more sustainable and convenient.

2. No more geographical constraints. Online tutoring gives the opportunity to learn from anywhere around the world. Do you need a native English speaker to teach your child the language? That’s not a big problem now, and you can make it happen. This also means students can be matched with the best tutors that are suited for their needs, without limiting themselves to the area they’re living in.

3. Time is not an issue. Online lessons can happen from any global location and at more flexible times (although sometimes they can get awkward, like lessons in the middle of the night for one party). It’s ideal to discuss tutoring times, and then own smart devices that will let you accomplish online tutoring.

4. Illness-free. Because lessons are done virtually and with leagues of oceans and a screen as the barrier, your risk of contracting contagious illnesses from a sick tutor or student is zero.

5. Efficient resource sharing. This, again, is in thanks to technology. Cloud storage shared folders like Dropbox is effective at giving students the syllabus notes, cast study material, graded papers, practice questions, homework sheets, etc. Plus, it keeps everything organized in one place. Think of it as a virtual filing cabinet.

6. Easy access to online resources. Online resources that provide real time information like Google Maps and Google Earth are just one click of the mouse button away. Statistical websites, images, and video links can easily be pulled from the web to help reinforce learning and make lessons more engaging. More interactivity is a guarantee in online tutoring.

7. Screen sharing and online whiteboards. They are as effective online as their real-life counterparts. Online tutoring can capably simulate the atmosphere of a learning institution. With screen sharing and online whiteboards, you can explain concepts better, and aid students in understanding concepts better.

8. Private learning environment. Some people just aren’t the types to socialize. Some prefer to learn alone and in the comfort of their own. They learn best when they interact with their teacher on a one-on-one level. Private learning environments provided by online tutoring minimize the potential awkwardness of face-to-face meetings. Students don’t have to suffer underneath social pressures too.

9. Easy saving. Entire lessons can be stored and saved as a neat PDF file. Lesson recordings are also very possible. Any materials or links sent via a messaging software or app is available at any later time in the chat history.

10. Students have healthy control. Students in online tutoring are in the driving seat as must as their tutors are. Because online tutoring is geared towards fostering a relaxed environment for learning, students can feel more empowered at communicating what they don’t understand, asking questions, and upholding healthy discussions. They’re very in-tuned to technology and the online world too. Learning this way is just another way to absorb information in their books.

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