Pancit Molo: Pride of Iloilo City

Pancit Molo: Pride of Iloilo City

One of the signature dishes of Iloilo is Pancit Molo. It is named after Molo District, one of the seven districts that compose Iloilo City.
While it is named Pancit Molo there are no noodles because instead of noodles the main component of the dish is grind meat wrapped in a Molo wrapper. If you are craving to have a taste of an authentic Pancit Molo, you should visit the oldest bakery in Iloilo, the Panaderia de Molo located at Avanceña St, Molo, Iloilo City. It is not just with the good tasting biscuits that the bakery known for as they also have another great contribution to the history of the Philippines and that is the Pancit Molo. The Pancit Molo is also a proof of Chinese settlement in the district of Molo as the Pancit Molo balls resembles those of a Chinese dim sum like Siomai.

PancitMolo 1It is in the convent of the Molo Church that the first Pancit Molo wrappers were made. The wrapper is a mixture of flour, egg yolks and salt, after mixing the dough it is then kneaded, the thinner the better. For the Pancit Molo Balls, the marinated grind meat is wrapped in the wrapper and is formed like a nun’s veil. The soup is simple, it is made with chicken broth seasoned with salt and pepper.

It is best served when hot and paired with biscuits like Barquillos, Galletas, Hojaldres, Biscocho Principe, Kinamunsil, Broas, and Rosquette.

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Pancit Molo is perfect when shared with someone.

Aside from the Pancit Molo, Iloilo also has the Original La Paz Batchoy which is synonymous to Iloilo.


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