Flavorsome Festivity at Zarraga – Pantat Festival

Flavorsome Festivity at Zarraga – Pantat Festival

The biggest festivity celebrated in the Municipality of Zarraga – Pantat Festival. Zarraga, known to be the “Pantat Capital in Region VI”, has the most abundant Pantat (Catfish) production. Annually, Zarraganhons celebrate this festival to honor and promote Pantat production as a promising agro-industry in Iloilo.  

This event is held every 3rd week of December. There are highlights and activities that make this particular event attract locals and tourists to come and explore Zarraga. Tribal dance competition is one of the grandiose highlights where participants wear pantat-like costumes and dance the way Pantat moves. Several tribes join this contest representing the barangays of the said municipality.



Pantat Dishes

People also visit the said event to taste different flavorsome Pantat dishes cooked stewed, roasted or fried, available in any eateries around the area. Almost all the restaurants at Zarraga have their own menu for a Pantat dish. If you have a busy schedule yet you pass along Zarraga roads, you can drop-by and purchase grilled Pantats at any stall along highway roads. Zaragga considered to be the meeting point for two national highways: main roads of Central Panay which includes my hometown, Aklan and the province of Capiz, and the northern area of Iloilo province.


The gradually progressing Pantat industry of Zarraga contributes also to the economic growth of Iloilo Province. The festivity celebrates both the contribution of Pantat to the municipality, and the people who have been involved to the Pantat production industry.

Zarraga will be celebrating its 16th Pantat Festival this year, so mark your calendars! Taste Zaragga’s Pantat and you might have the dish take out. For more featured festivity in Iloilo – click this link!

Featured Image Source: mybeautifuliloilo.blogspot.com

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